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Yandabo Myanmar

Yandabo is a village located in the Mandalay Region of Myanmar, on the eastern bank of the Ayeyarwady River. It is known for its pottery-making industry and its role in the signing of the Treaty of Yandabo, which ended the First Anglo-Burmese War in 1826. The village is a popular tourist destination, offering a glimpse into traditional rural life in Myanmar. Visitors can observe the pottery-making process, explore the peaceful countryside and meet the friendly local people. Additionally, the nearby river provides opportunities for boating and fishing excursions.

Some popular excursions from Yandabo include:

  1. Exploring the local pottery village: Yandabo is famous for its traditional pottery, and visitors can learn about the process and purchase hand-made pottery.

  2. Maha Ganda Yar Manaung Pagoda: This temple is located in the vicinity of Yandabo and offers a unique insight into Myanmar's religious heritage and cultural history.

  3. Boat trips along the Ayeyarwady River: Visitors can take a scenic boat trip along the Ayeyarwady River and see the lush countryside and nearby villages.

  4. Rural village visits: Yandabo is surrounded by rural villages where visitors can get a glimpse of traditional village life and interact with local communities.

  5. Bagan: Bagan is a famous ancient city located nearby Yandabo, known for its thousands of temples and pagodas, and is a popular tourist destination.


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