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Yanbu Saudi Arabia Cruise Port Guide


Yanbu is a small port, however, big plans are afoot for significant port developmenti. Its aim is to build two new ports along this stretch of the Red Sea coast, as well as redevelop Yanbu and Jeddah's ports to integrate them into the city, and develop another port on the Gulf Coast.

Saudi Arabia has launched an eVisa for cruise passengers sailing from the country or arriving at one of its ports. About 130 Euro.



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Saudi Arabia do's and dont's:

Absolutely no alcohol and drugs are allowed in the country and Sharia, or Islamic law is strictly enforced.
Once your ship is 12 nautical miles from the Saudi coastline, the bars open and alcohol is served in the restaurants,

If you bring medication with you, carry a doctor's prescription.

Both men and women should dress modestly covering shoulders and knees in public, avoiding tight-fitting clothing or clothes with profane language or images. And although female tourists do not need to cover their heads any longer when walking around, they do need to in places of worship.

It's just not done to walk down the street hand in hand or show any public displays of affection.

Homosexual or extra-marital sexual relations, including adultery, are illegal and can be subject to severe penalties. It's also illegal to be transgender. Transgender people travelling to Saudi Arabia are likely to face significant difficulties and risks if this is discovered by the authorities. However: MSC Cruises is determining how to approach this, but confirmed that gay cruisers are definitely not banned from entering the Kingdom and sailing.

Just in case you were thinking of linking up your iPhone with your Bluetooth speaker and playing it in a public spot, don't

Sharia law prohibits public observance of any religion other than Islam. So check your jewellery. If you are Jewish, you are allowed to visit the Kingdom, but not if you have an Israeli passport or a stamp from a visit to Israel.

Taking pictures or recording videos without permission is not permitted. 



Located in the province of Madinah, Yanbu is the second largest port city on the Red Sea after Jeddah. It also happens to be one of the oldest seaports on the Red Sea. It serves as the major port for the holy city of Madinah. Yanbu not only plays an important role in the economy of the country but also holds historical importance for being a major port for receiving pilgrims. Traditionally, the economy of Yanbu has been associated with the pilgrimage route, trade, and export of dates. The port is being expanded to take some pressure off the Jeddah port.

Yanbu has a natural harbor and offers some great views of the Red Sea. It has wide coral reefs that remain largely unspoiled. This area is great for water activities like scuba diving, fishing, and birdwatching.


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Nearby Places:

Shopping and Food

Shopping malls hours:

Saturday to Tuesday: From 10:00 AM to 12:00 AM

Wednesday & Thursday: From 10:00 AM to 2:00 AM


Currency in Saudi Arabia: Saudi riyal (SAR)

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Arabic is the official language in Saudi Arabia, but English is widely understood.

Internet is available in the malls as well in cafes.

Opening Hours and Holidays:


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