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Vitoria Brazil Cruise Port Guide


The Port of Vitória is the most difficult port for ships to access in all of Brazil. The Bay of Vitória is extremely narrow, with stones and mountains that complicate the access by freighters and maritime cruisers to the docks.

Today the port is mostly used by cruise ships and for the repair of ships and oil platforms.

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Vitória is the capital of the state of Espírito Santo, Brazil. It is located on a small island within a bay where a few rivers meet the sea. It was founded in 1551.

The city has tree-lined streets and a fine sea front on the beach at Camburi, six kilometers long for jogging or walking. Next to Camburi is Canto beach, the location of two well known squares, Desejo and Namorados. This is area boasts the most lively bars and finest restaurants in Vitória.

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Nearby Places:

Across the river and south of Vitória sits Vila Velha, the first place in Espírito Santo to be colonized. Don’t miss seeing the Convento da Penha, atop the densely forested 154m Morro da Penha. The panoramic city views are magnificent and the chapel (founded in 1558) isn’t too bad either. It’s a major pilgrimage destination – around Easter expect crowds all paying homage to NS da Penha, some climbing the hill on their knees.

Shopping and Food

For shopping, the Capixaba Market sells items of wicker, sisal, shells and liana, as well as pottery (ceramics typical of the state). However, the most traditional ceramic pottery is to be found in Goiabeiras, a district in the north of the city.


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Portuguese spoken.

Free WiFi in many parks.

Opening Hours and Holidays:

Basic hours for most stores and businesses are from 9am to 6pm, with an extended lunch hour from around noon to 2pm.

Many museums are closed on monday.

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