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Limbe (Victoria) Cameroon Cruise Port Guide


You most likely will be tendered to shore. This is a new cruise destinaton.

A very limited number of taxis may be available at the port. It is recommended to establish the fare with the driver before leaving the pier.

A yellow fever vaccination certificate, regardless of what country you're from is needed..

Cruise schedule for Limbe.

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Monthly Climate Averages for Victoria Cameroon



Limbe (Victoria is the old name) is located on a beautiful bay against the backdrop of a major mountain range. Black sand beaches make Limbe one of two coastal towns (Kribi being the other) that are popular among Western tourists. The Limbe Wildlife center and Limbe Botanical Gardens are notable attractions. The Germans left a Bismarck tower in the vicinity of Limbe. good sea-bless at most hours of day, a climate not to talk of but to come around the town to see. Limbe is by far the best region in the country in terms of night life, and is considered the best touristic city in the country to visit. Limbe which is beside the Atlantic Beach is unanimously one of the best cities in the Republic. It is the home to Bakwerians.

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Nearby Places:

The best of Limbe’s beaches are north of town and known by their distance from Limbe. Mile 6 and Mile 11 beaches are popular, but the best is at the village of Batoké at Mile 8, from where the lava flows of Mt Cameroon’s eruption a few years ago are still visible.

Shopping and Food

Unless you are in stores and restaurants, you must bargain for everything. Offer 20-50% of the first price requested.


Cameroon uses the Franc, which is controlled by the bank of Central Africa.

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In Limbe English is spoken. French and English are the official languages in Cameroon although there are over 276 recognized languages in Cameroon.

You can find Internet access all over the place, but the speed might be slow.

Opening Hours and Holidays:


January 1: New Year's Day

January 1: Independence Day

February 11: Youth Day

May 1: Labor Day

May 20: National Day

August 15: Assumption

October 1: Unification Day

December 25: Christmas Day

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