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Ubatuba Brazil Cruise Port Guide


As ships anchor here you will be tendered (7 minutes) to the center of town.

Know as the adventure’s pier, hundreds of boats of all sizes find in “Saco da Ribeira” a safe haven. With a full marina infra-structure with banks, bars, restaurants, hand-craft shops and pharmacies, the pier is well known by its diversity and easy access.

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The town itself has not much to offer except for its handsome waterfront promenade.

Located approximately 70 nautical miles from the port of Santos and 110 nautical miles from the port of Rio de Janeiro, the Cruise Port of Ubatuba is on the right path for any cruise ship calling Rio de Janeiro, Santos or going down South America towards Cape Horn as an option for a relaxing, rich and cruise ship oriented Cruise Port.

There are over 100 beaches, 92 in the main land and 10 in the islands, but it is not only the sea that Ubatuba can offer to its visitors; dozens of water falls, crystal clear rivers, eco hiking tracks, amazing sights and gorgeous backdrops hosted by the most preserved area of “Mata Atlantica”.

Tours Excursions Transportation:

One of the best way to see Ubatuba’s coast line and it’s richness with many tours departing from many beaches in the local “Schooners” heading to “Saco da Ribeira”, “Praia da Enseada”, “Lazaro” or “Itagua”. Many of the destinations for the boat tours are the islands, like the famous “Anchieta” that holds the ruins of the former prison and the paradisiacal “Promirim” and “Couves”

It pays to compare your cruise line tours here.

Nearby Places:

Also know as the “Surf capital”, Ubatuba is the stage of many national and international competitions. With different wave’s formations and intensity, many beaches are considered “heaven” by the beginners, amateurs and professional surfers.

Shopping and Food


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Portuguese spoken.

Cafes which offer free WiFi for customers are sparse.

Opening Hours and Holidays:

Basic hours for most stores and businesses are from 9am to 6pm, with an extended lunch hour from around noon to 2pm.

Many museums are closed on monday.

Holidays in Brazil

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