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Tulear or Toliara Madagascar Cruise Port Guide


The ship is scheduled to dock in the port of Toliary, located about 2 km (about 1 ¼ mile) from the center of town. Taxi and pousse-pousse (rickshaws) pick up customers only at the port's main gate. Walking to town is not recommended due to the distance under the heat. Do not carry large amounts of cash or wear expensive jewelry.

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Tulear, also known as Toliary and Toliara, is situated on the southwest coast of the island of Madagascar, a wild area of semi-desert, the capital of the Atsimo-Andrefana region and the Toliara province. Located in the Southern Dry Forest, Tulear reminds one of an "old west" town with its dry air and dusty streets.

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Visit the market for local and active colour with an amazing display of produce and spices. The main shops are along P-Tsiranana Blvd, Toliary's main street. The souvenir market at Lyautey Blvd is known for such items as wood carvings, gems, stones, Alo Alo totems, and masks.


The local currency is the Ariary, but vendors accept US dollars or Euros.

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The name of town was named by a Vezo pirog man and his explorer passenger. Upon arrival he declared "Toly Eroa", which means "Here we are". The passenger referred to it as "Tulear". Malagasy is the primary language and French is spoken in many localities.

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