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Tresco Scilly Isles United Kingdom Cruise Port Guide


This is a tender port. The island is only 1 by 2 miles in size. The port is located at New Grimsby Quay on Tresco Island.

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The Isles of Scilly (Cornish: Ynysek Syllan) is a small archipelago of islands in the Atlantic Ocean, off the Cornish coast in the West Country region of England (part of the United Kingdom). The Isles of Scilly were designated an official Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in 1975.

Tresco,the second largest island in the group, features an amazing variety of scenery. Wild rugged granite outcrops and heath land to the north, with sub-tropical sandy beaches and the Abbey Gardens in the South.

History and Legend are deeply rooted in the islands culture. Many people believe that Tresco was the legendary 'Lyonesse' or 'land across the sea' - the final resting-place of King Arthur.

People have lived on the island since the earliest times, gradually creating the present day landscape as they carved out a living for themselves in this remote and sometimes harsh environment.

On Tresco are the famous Abbey gardens.

Tours Excursions Transportation:

There is no public transport available for day visitors.

Nearby Places:

Each island is serviced by a network of inter-island launches that run daily from 1 April through to the end of October each year. Apart from direct trips between the islands, circular sightseeing tours are also offered giving the opportunity to look at the extensive wildlife in and around the islands, particularly the large colonies of Atlantic seal and sea bird colonies. For example, a Three Islands day tour would visit Bryher, Tresco, and St Agnes, giving an hour or two time ashore on each for walking and exploring.

Shopping and Food


The currency throughout the UK is the pound (£). You may also hear the slang term quid for pounds. Scottish bank notes are frowned upon in other parts of the UK, so change the notes before leaving Scotland.

Cash machines (ATM) or less formally 'holes in the wall' are very widely available and usually dispense £10 and £20 notes.

Visa, Mastercard and Maestro, are accepted by most shops and restaurants.

Currency Converter


English is spoken throughout the country, but sometimes with heavy accents!

Most cafe's and restaurants offer free WiFi.

The local emergency telephone number is 999, however the EU-wide 112 can also be used.

Opening Hours and Holidays:

Shopping hours are in general:

Small stores 6 or 7 days a week (10am - 6pm)
Larger stores in general stay open til' 9PM
Hyper marts often 24/7

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