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Travemunde Germany Cruise Port Guide


You will be docked at the Skandinavienkai cruise terminal. A 10 minute bus ride in to the town of Travemunde. Every 20 minutes.

Most smaller cruise ships arrives at a very convenient and pleasant place: Ostpreussenkai. It's near the bus station and within walking distance of the main town and the beach.

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Travemünde is a borough of Lübeck and a sea resort which is very famous with families. Travemünde is a harbor town where daily passenger and cargo ferries leaves to Scandinavia & the Baltic states. Originally Travemünde was a small fisher village but it's position at the river Trave & the proximity to Lübeck let it grew to a smaller harbor town. Today tourism is the main source of employment and income. The old town maintained it's sleepy character despite the fact that at weekends there are loads of tourists.

Bear in mind that Lübeck's Altstadt is not an open-air museum but a living city center, so don't expect a complete medieval site. You'll find many beautiful old buildings intertwined with modern ones and a modern infrastructure. A particularly well-preserved 13th c. part of the Altstadt is the Koberg area at the island's northern end. And don't miss the Gänge, small streets off the bigger roads, with small houses and a peculiar atmosphere.

Tours Excursions Transportation:

Bus nr. 30 will take you to Lubeck It's about a 25-minute ride (2.50 Euro)


Nearby Places:

Shopping and Food

A great variety of shops awaits you in Lübeck. Shopping in a relaxed atmosphere with unlimited possibilities - what else could you wish for? Stroll along the Hüxstraße, Lübeck's first address for selected offers, through the Breite Straße, a lively pedestrian street, or discover the shops at Königstraße, Holstenstraße, Sandstraße or Mühlenstraße. If you look for something different, visit the romantic side streets, for example Fleischhauerstraße or Wahmstraße. The shopping malls Königpassage and CITTI-PARK offer more than 50 attractive shops.

Important things to know about Germany, like tipping, toilets etc.


Euro. There are plenty of ATM machines around.

In smaller establishments ask first if they accept Credit Cards.

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German spoken. Germans are regarded as being punctual, disciplined and last but not least, a little formal. In German there are two forms of you: "Du" and "Sie." "Du" is less formal, "Sie" is more so. You almost always should use the "Sie" form and someone's last name with people you don't know.

110 -- Police Emergency
112 -- Fire Emergency or Ambulance Call

Internet-Café is available just two blocks away from the top of the Ostpreussenkai cruise terminal building.German keyboards are awkward: it might take a few minutes just to find the @-sign. (use Ctrl and Alt, with Q) (use Ctrl and Alt, with Q)

Opening Hours and Holidays:

All stores must close no later than 8 p.m. Some close as early as 6:30 p.m. On Saturdays stores lock up at 1 or 2 p.m.; although in big city centers most stay upon until 2 or 4 p.m.

Sundays all stores are closed, except some bakeries which are open on sunday morning.

January 1 New Year's Day
January 6 Epiphany
varies - Good Friday
varies - Easter
varies - Easter Monday
May 1 Labor Day
varies - Ascension Day (usually in May)
varies - Whit monday (usually mid-May)
October 3 Unity Day
December 25 Christmas Day
December 26 St. Stephan's Day

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