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Tracy Arm Fjord AK USA Cruise Port Guide


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Tracy Arm is a magnificent glacier-carved fjord just south of Juneau. Many cruise itineraries include a visit to this incredible place, often as a substitute for the comparable Glacier Bay National Park.

The fjord is part of the 30 mile long Tracy Arm - Fords Terror Wilderness region, located about 60 miles southwest of Juneau.

The fjord is truly one of the most dramatic locations in USA, or in all of the world, for that matter. The sheer, glacier-carved walls are often shrouded in mist. Glacial calving in Tracy Arm can often be quite spectacular, as huge chunks of ice break off and plunge into the frigid waters below. Many of these chunks of ice are larger than several buses combined, so the effect can be simply jaw-dropping.

Literally hundreds of waterfalls cascade down the sides of the fjord, creating an almost otherworldly atmosphere. Famed naturalist John Muir compared the glacial-carved sheer granite cliffs in the area to those of Yosemite, saying that this region was even more spectacular than the more well known Yosemite valley.

One thing is certain when you visit Tracy Arm Fjord - you will be impressed and struck with awe at the magnitude and beauty of the place.

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