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Thursday Island Australia Cruise Port Guide


Cruise ships are not able to dock here, you will be tendered ashore.

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Thursday Island is the most developed island in the Torres Strait Islands group. Located just north of Cape York Peninsula, Australia's most northern point, Thursday Island offers tourists an inviting glimpse into a lovely cultural mosaic. This cultural fusion exists because of the Torres Strait Islands are situated just south of Papua New Guinea and approximately 39 kilometers north of Queensland's coast.

Thursday Island is rich in history. In 1893, the Green Hill Fort was built in 1893 on fears of a Russian invasion. Also, that same year, the All Souls Quetta Memorial Church was built in memory of the Quetta shipwreck in 1890,which killed 133 people when it struck an unknown reef. The Japanese Pearl Memorial is dedicated to the hundreds of pearl divers who died from decompression sickness. Thursday Island was also important during World War II as a base for Australian and American troops. Today, the main industries on the island are pearling and fishing. The island is only about three square kilometers and is a wonderful destination to enjoy a relaxing day.

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Peddells Ferry Island Tourist Bureau (adult/child $31/15; 8.30am-5pm) offers bus tours of Thursday Island, taking in all the major tourist sites.

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