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Thorshavn Faroe Islands Cruise Port Guide


The harbor is close to the center of town. If more than one cruise ship is visiting , one will be anchored and use their tenders. There is a shuttle bus to take you from the bottom of the gangway to the entrance of the port about a half mile away toward town.

900 meters of additional berth space was added in 2019.

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Tórshavn lies to the south on the east coast of Streymoy.

From Tórshavn there is a beautiful view over the sea and the island of Nólsoy.

The Vikings founded the first parliament on Tinganes around year 900. The town has grown considerably during the last century and has now merged with its neighbors: Argir to the south and Hoyvík to the north. Tórshavn is by far the largest town in the Faroe Islands and it is also the capital.

The town is a charming blend of old and new. In the area around the harbor lies Tinganes. This is where the government is located. The ‘old town' of Tórshavn is also here. The cute and small houses have been restored over the last years and the area has turned in to a cosy place where people want to live.

Skansin is located over the harbor. This is an old fortress built in 1580. It was built in order to defend Tórshavn from pirates.

Five minutes walk from the harbor is the city-center Vaglið. Here is also Løgtingið, the Faeroese parliament. Nearby are also shops, restaurants, hotels and a cinema. 5-10 minutes more walking leads to SMS, which is a modern shopping, enter with lots of shops, banks and restaurants. This is the place where people in Tórshavn meet and exchange the latest news while shopping.

Tórshavn is a cosy town that mainly consists of small houses in every colour. It has all that it takes to be a tiny little capital: shopping center, restaurants, hotels, cinema's, tourist-information, disco's, sports arena's, swimming-center etc.

Tours Excursions Transportation:

A tour by taxi is a good option here. About 60-70 Euro per hour. In 2 hours you can see most of the highlights of the island: grass topped building; churches; and Viking dwellings.

The intertown bus system (Bygdaleiðir) operates daily to most areas. The buses are blue in colour. A comprehensive schedule (Ferðaætlan) listing the various timetables for the intertown buses and ferries can be obtained from the tourist office, as well as the central bus station near the harbor in Tórshavn.

The capital Tórshavn offers an efficient local bus service (Bussleiðin) , at no charge!, with four routes that reach most areas of the town. The red colored buses operate every half hour during the day and hourly in the evening and on Saturdays and Sundays. Kollafjørður is also included in the local bus service. Route maps and schedules can be obtained on the buses, at Kiosk Steinatún in the center of town, or at Kunningarstovan.

Nearby Places:

Towering above the entrance to the harbor of Klaksvík is the pyramid mountain on the impressive island of Kunoy, and around the well-sheltered bay and harbor, the dwellings are beautifully spread on the hillsides.

Shopping and Food

Among Faroese souvenirs of particular interest are the numerous woollen goods, stuffed birds, ceramics, wood articles, jewelry, music, stamps and posters.

Tipping is not the custom. Service fees are normally included in the price, whether for a fancy meal in a restaurant, a taxi ride across town, or a trim at the hairdresser.


As a self governing region of the Kingdom of Denmark, the Faroese government prints its own currency, the króna, although Danish coins are used. The exchange value is equivalent to the Danish krone, and there is no service charge on exchange, as Danish notes are equally acceptable as the Faroese króna throughout the country.

Automatic teller machines (ATMs) are available.

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Danish spoken, English well understood.

Free internet is available at the library, near the post office. It's usually open from 8:00am to 6:00pm on weekdays, though internet is usually available after 1:00pm, as it is reserved for school children during the morning.

Dial 112 for any type of emergency assistance anywhere in the country.

Opening Hours and Holidays:

Most shops are open from 9:00/10.00 to 17:30. On Friday, many retailers remain open until 19:00. On Saturdays, shopping is limited; stores open at 9:00 and close either at 12:00, 14:00 or 16:00. On Sundays, all stores are closed.

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