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Takamatsu Japan Cruise Port Guide


The new cruise port takes vessels up to 50,000 tonnes. It is also a ferry port. The berths are very close to the city so there is no need for shuttles.

There is an easy walk, much of it covered, to the center of town, including the main railway station (with information), and the tourist office. A short further walk brings you to the top end of the shopping arcade which runs almost all the way to Ritsurin Gardens. The total arcade length is 2.7km, some of it in side arcades.

The award-winning gardens are one of the best in Japan. Takamatsu Castle, which is a rare example of a coastal castle with a seawater moat, is to the east of the railway station on the coast and is easily visible from the ship. The castle itself is not open but its formal park and gardens are well worth a visit. Adjoining the castle on the port side is the town station of the Kotoden tramway (railway) a private company with three lines which access some of the best sites to visit including the Ritsurin garden and the Shikoku Mura park and historic village. The station sells day passes for travel, and others which include access to various sites.

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Takamatsu is the largest city on the island of Shikoku. It is the capital of the Kagawa Perfecture, Japan

"Ritsurin Garden", is one of Kagawa's most treasured sites with a great number of domestic and international tourists coming to view the traditionally landscaped scenery. Staff maintain the garden all year round except during the heat of summer. Regardless of season, be sure to check the delicately sculpted pine trees, especially for lovers of bonsai.

Tamamo Park Close to the Takamatsu Station and the port lies another park that is home to the ruins of Takamatsu castle. Once castle grounds, now a beautiful park you can still see some of the remnants from the past. Tamamo Park lies on the grounds of the former Takamatsu castle which was built in the early Edo period, first by the Ikoma clan, then by Matsudaira clan.

Takamatsu Symbol Tower This building was built in 2004 and became the highest building in the Shikoku district. It has several observation decks with views of the sea and nearby peninusulas. There is also a shopping mall with many restaurants in the eastern building.

Tours Excursions Transportation:

Takamatsu is a fairly walkable city and the downtown is pretty easy to navigate on foot.

Bicycling is an extremely popular method of transportation. There are many places where you can rent bikes.

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Nearby Places:

Yashima is a flat topped mountain just outside of Takamatsu's city center. It was the site of an important 12th century battle during the Gempei War between the Taira and Minamoto Clans. Here the Taira were defeated in what was to be the last battle before their final destruction. Yashima offers great views of Takamatsu and of the Seto Inland Sea. Near the many viewpoints around the mountaintop are shops where you can buy small clay discs, which are thrown off the mountain for luck. This is meant to symbolize the victorious Minamoto warriors throwing off their headpieces after defeating the Taira.

Shopping and Food

Takamatsu is extremely well-known throughout Japan for its udon noodles, one of the three major types of Japanese noodle dishes

There are literally hundreds of udon shops within the city limits.


The currency in Japan is the yen. It comes in denominations of ¥10,000, ¥5,000 and ¥1,000 notes, as well as ¥500, ¥100, ¥50, ¥10, ¥5 and ¥1 coins.

ATMs in Japan are becoming more useful, and most can be used to withdraw funds from overseas accounts. Post offices also offer ATMs. Major credit cards are accepted at a majority of stores and restaurants in large urban areas, but if you plan on spending any time in rural areas, be sure to carry sufficient cash. Japan is still very much a cash society and some stores, hotels and restaurants-regardless of location-refuse credit cards.

Don't tip, as it's considered rude!

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Takamatsu City provides a free public wireless LAN service known as "Kagawa Wi-Fi" for everyone.

Opening Hours and Holidays:

Shops and department stores in Japan are generally open daily, including national holidays (with the exception of New Year's), from 10:00 or 10:30am to 7:30 or 8:00pm. Some specialty shops are closed Sundays and national holidays. Department stores are sometimes closed one day a week on an irregular basis, but since closing days vary for each store, shoppers can always find stores that are open.

Public Holidays in Japan

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