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Sulina Romania Cruise Port Guide


Sulina port is located on the right bank of the Sulina Channel, inside the town's area.

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At the end of the great river Danube's 2,860 km (1788 miles) journey from the Black Forest mountains in Germany to Romania's Black Sea coast a natural paradise spreads out.

Over countless centuries the silt brought down by the river has enlarged the Delta into a network of channels, lakes, reed isles, tropical woods, pastures and sand dunes that now cover nearly 5,640 sq km (2,200 sq miles).

This amazing wetland shelters over 300 species of birds, countless species of fish from royal sturgeon to carp and perch, while its 1,150 kinds of plants range from sinuous lianas in oak forests to water lilies.

It is no wonder that UNESCO designated the Delta a "Reservation of the Biosphere".

The center of commercial activity in the Delta is the freeport of Sulina. In the late 1980s the town underwent rapid expansion with 500 new dwellings being built, an hotel and a shipping center to handle 3,500 ships annually.

Tours Excursions Transportation:

The very low prices make taxis a popular way to travel with both locals and travelers. The driver may try to cheat you if he sees you are a foreigner. Insist that he will use the meter.

Nearby Places:

Shopping and Food

Art and craft shops offer unique traditional wood, lace and embroidered products as well as contemporary porcelain, ceramic dolls, crystal and glass goods. The Orthodox icons painted on wood or glass are a popular item. Do check all items carefully before purchasing.


Romania is relatively cheap by Western standards - one US dollar buys about 2.3 lei and one euro buys about 3.55 lei.

Romanian transactions generally take place in cash. Although some places will accept Euro or USD you will generally be charged an additional 20% paying by this method and it is not advisable, although this is changing.

You can however pay by card in many shops and in most supermarkets. Accepted credit/debit cards are: Mastercard, Visa.


The official language of Romania is Romanian.

Romania uses the pan-European standard number 112 for all emergency calls.

Cafes which offer free WiFi for customers are available in most towns and cities, and in some villages.

Opening Hours and Holidays:

Opening hours are extremely predictable and amazingly long. Many shops will have a "non-stop" sign - meaning they are open 24 hours, 7 days a week. Shops that are not open 24 hours are usually open 8 AM - 10/11 PM, with some keeping open in summer until 2 or 3 AM.

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