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Suez Egypt Cruise Port Guide


The port consists of Port Ibrahim, providing berths for general cargo and passenger vessels; where facilities for tankers and livestock vessels are situated. Port Tewfik is used to accommodate passenger ships and vessels transiting Suez Canal. Taxis are available.

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Suez (el-Suweis) is located on the Southern tip of the Suez Canal, and has been a commercial port since the 7th century. The spice trade and pilgrimages to Mecca made it prosperous throughout the Middle Ages. It became a naval base in the 15th century and, in 1869, the opening of the Suez Canal ensured its development as a modern city.

Today, Suez is one of Egypt's largest ports. It is situated near the scenic Ataga Hills (Jebel Ataga), about 134 kilometers (83 miles) from Cairo and 88 kilometers (55 miles) from Ismailia, this city affords an excellent view of Sinai and the Red Sea. It is also interesting to watch ships passing through the Canal form Suez's vantage point.

It is well worth strolling along the Corniche to watch the huge ships lined up to transit the Canal on their way to the other side of the world.

Port Suez itself has very few attractions. One of the highlights is the pretty Hamza Mosque, which is made of white stone and illuminated at night. The other is the home of the late Anwar Sadat. The Convent of the Good Chapel Sisters is a Catholic convent dating back to the 19th century. It's perhaps the only Christian historical site in the Port Suez area.

Tours Excursions Transportation:

The Suez Canal Port is very important due to its linking the Mediterranean Sea with the Red Sea. One of the advantages of the Suez Canal Cruise Port is that it makes all of Egypt's major attractions very accessible. The area's climate is warm and dry. Suez Canal cruises typically include all major Red Sea area attractions, including the Sinai area and even Cairo. Taxis are available at the Suez Canal cruise terminal in Suez Port. Tour buses are another option, especially for passengers headed to Cairo.

The journey from Suez to Cairo takes about one and a half hours. There are two full-day tours to choose from. For first-time visitors a trip to the Pyramids at Giza and the Museum of Antiquities is a 'must'. A second tour, 'Cairo and Beyond', is available to see the tombs at Saqqara and Memphis, where you will find the gigantic statue of Ramses II. Also included in this tour is a visit to the vast, colorful Khan el-Khalili Bazaar in Cairo.

With all tours armed security will be on each bus. And often police escorts will be close to the bus caravan.

Important: There are many companies offering excursions into Egypt, and in general are reliable. But your ship only will wait for late customers if they booked the ship's excursions. So be sure to have a cell phone with you (and the ship's telephone number!) just in case!

Nearby Places:

Shopping and Food

Restaurants are mainly simple and cheap, but menus can be far more impressive than the look of the joint. Seafood can be very good in Suez.

Egyptian cuisine combines many of the best traditions of Middle Eastern cooking. Local specialties include foul (bean dishes), roast pigeon, kebabs and humus (chickpeas). Although Egypt is a Muslim country, alcohol is available in café-style bars and good restaurants.


In all souvenirs shops US dollars and the Euro are happily accepted.

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Language: Arab

Sure there are internet facilities...but with arab keyboards!

Sahara in arabic means desert. So do not talk about the Sahara desert!

Opening Hours and Holidays:

The National Holidays in Egypt are sited as below:

  -  January 7: Christmas (Old Calendarists)
-  April 25: Sinai Liberation Day
-  May 1: Labor Day
-  July 23: Revolution Day
-  October 6: Armed Forces Day

There are some Movable Holidays in Egypt sited as below:

  -  Sham El Nessim
-  Islamic New Year
-  Prophet Mohammed's Birthday
-  Ramadan Feast
-  Sacrifice Feast

Other Holidays in Egypt include:

  -  January 1: New Year's Day
-  March 21: Mother's Day
-  June 18: Evacuation Day
-  August 15: Flooding of the Nile
-  October 21: Egyptian Naval Day
-  October 24: Suez Day
-  December 23: Victory Day

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