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Sitka AK USA Cruise Port Guide


Plan to be on deck when your ship sails into Sitka Sound, particularly if it's a sunny day: The views of the town from the ship are beautiful.

Sitka Council is planning to reduce the cruise ships, even considering a cruiseless day every week.

Cruise ships will use a floating dock, about 6 miles north of downtown. A free shuttle bus service is provided by the port to and from downtown Sitka. The drop off / pick up location is Harrigan Centential Hall. The shuttle ride is 10 to 15 minutes and the busses depart every 10 minutes.

Other cruise ships will anchor and will tender you to downtown.

The terminal building include large restrooms, usual gift shops. High Speed WiFI, and an outdoor covered terrrace for passengers to view activity in the adjacent boat yard.

Visitor information can be obtained from the visitors desk at Harrigan Centennial Hall, near Crescent Harbor, one block from O'Connell Bridge, or at the Sitka Convention and Visitors Bureau at O'Connell Bridge also is available when cruise ships are in town.

Its a beautiful, picturesque little fishing village with Mt. Edgecomb in the background, and the harbor studded with tiny jewel-like islands. Just spectacular! Great Russian charm, beautiful, friendly and clean.

New Archangel Dancers: When cruise ships are in town, these dancers perform lively, authentic folk dances from Russia (Harrigan Centennial Building).

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Sitka, the only major city on USA's Baranof Island, is the beneficiary of three distinct cultures: Tlingit Indian, Russian and American. You'll find relics of all three cultures throughout the area. With the spectacular natural beauty of Sitka Sound, its fascinating history, unique totem park and Mount Edgecomb - a dormant volcano which rises above the harbor - Sitka is definitely a treasure in the usan wilderness.

Sitka National Historical Park, 106 Metlakatla St., 907-747-0110

Visitor Center open year round: mid-May through September daily 8AM-5PM; October through mid-May: M-Sa 8AM-5PM. Closed on Federal holidays during the winter months. Over 12 years old $4, under free. Wheelchair accessible. The Southeast USA Indian Cultural Center, totem poles, and museum exhibits are located in the building. Exhibits depict traditional Tlingit life. A short video reviews Sitka's history.

Russian Bishop's House open mid-May through September daily 9AM-5PM. Ranger-led tours are offered every 30 minutes. October through mid-May open by appointment only. 12 years old $4, under free. This original log structure built in 1843 is one of the last remaining buildings from the Russian colonial period. Not wheelchair accessible.

Park Trails open mid-May through September daily 6AM-10PM; October through mid-May daily 7AM-8PM. Free. Walk in a temperate rain forest under towering trees, observe migrating salmon, explore the intertidal zone, and study wildlife. A pleasant walk through the USA woods with interesting totem poles interspersed throughout the walk.

USA Raptor Center, 1000 Raptor Way, 1-800-643-9425, May-September Su-F 8AM-4PM. Adults $12, under 12 $6. Bald eagles and other raptors from all over the Western United States are treated at this 17 acre facility bordering the Tongass National Forest. See the eagles, hawks, falcons and owls up close.

St. Michael's Russian Orthodox Church, 240 Lincoln St., 907-747-8120. Although the original was burned down and restored, the artifacts inside including the icons were largely preserved from the fire.

Tours Excursions Transportation:

Everything is within easy walking distance.

Public Transport is another good option:

Red route out along Halibut Point Road – 1 hour loop
Blue route out along Sawmill Creek Road – 1 hour loop
Green Route through town and over the bridge – 1/2 hour loop
$2.00 per one way ride for adults. $1.00 for seniors or persons with disabilities.

Most cruise lines offer a combined walking and motor coach excursion that features a tour through the Raptor Center, a visit to the Sitka National Historic Park, a performance from the New Archangel Dancers, a drive by Castle Hill, and also includes a stop at St. Michael's Cathedral.

When you get to the downtown dock you will see skippers signing people up for boat rides. Take one of these tours, the wildlife is amazing! You will see lots of sea otters, seals, porpoises, whales, puffins and other sea birds. You may even see bears on the land, the skippers know where to look for them.

It pays to compare your cruise line tours here.


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