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Sewastopol Ukraine Cruise Port Guide


The ship will be docked at Grafskaya Pristan, the port of Sevastopol. It is about a 10-minute (1.5km) walk to the town center. Taxis are generally available outside the cruise terminal building. It may be difficult to find English-speaking drivers. There is a currency exchange.

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Nestled between the sea and green valleys, Sevastopol sits on a group of hills forming a natural amphitheater that overlooks the magnificent Bakhtiarsky Bay. Translated from Greek, Sevastopol means "majestic city," a name well earned. This second largest of the Crimee's cities will greet you with bays of astonishing beauty, impressive architectural ensembles, unique museums, charming gardens and attractive squares and boulevards.

At the Malakhov Kurgan, the command post of the first defense of Sevastopol, you will see the remains of the bastions that protected the city twice during its 200-year-old history, in the Crimean War and World War II. An eternal flame burns here in honor of Crimean and Soviet naval heroes. The city has a great military and naval history. Its citizens are justly proud to have been recognized for their valiant stand against the Nazis during World War II.

Two miles from Sevastopol, the State Historical and Archaeological Museum houses the heritage of a 2,500-year-old civilization with an interesting display of relics from the city's past. Among other attractions Balaklava is worth mentioning; it was the scene of long and bitter clashes in the Crimean War.

There is an amazing museum called a Panorama, which depicts the siege of Sevastopol (from the Russian point of view) with a display a little like a diaorama, but much more impressive - there is a huge circular canvas of about 2000 square meters as a backdrop, and then lots of props such as cannons and models of redoubts in the foreground. It's narrated in Russian but you can hire an audioguide in English or French. Admission 40UAH +15UAH for camera. It is about a 45 minute walk from where you are docked.

Tours Excursions Transportation:

The center of town is very walkable. No need for taxis etc..

This is a great place to visit, easy to do on your own if you want to. It is clean and tidy with lots of nice squares and parks to visit.

Ride the ferry boats crossing the bay. Common routes include those to a number of locations on the north side of town, where the best white sand beach and small airfield are. Locals use these north/south ferries to commute to and from work. Price of the ferries is only 2.5UAH (~$US.70) and they travel all over the city and it is a good way to make photos of the various landmarks.

Nearby Places:

One of the nicer beaches is located approximately 30 minutes from the city in the village of Lyubimovka. It is a sandy beach with hundreds of tourists in the summer. The city of Balaklava is approximately 45 minutes away and popular for its underground submarine port that is now a tourist site. There are however no submarines there anymore.

Shopping and Food

Some of the most popular items include amber, Palekh lacquer boxes, Matryoshka dolls, wood carvings, embroideries and sparkling wine of the Crimea. The main shopping areas are next to the Panorama Building, a 20-minute taxi drive away, and at Admiralty Harbor, which can be reached on foot in 15 minutes. Be aware that many shops still only accept local currency, except for private vendors and some souvenir shops.


To shop you will most certainly need local currency (hryvnia).

1 UAH = 0.18 USD (1 USD = 5.05 UAH)
1 UAH = 0.134 EUR (1 EUR = 7.44 UAH)
1 UAH= 0.099 (1 GBP = 10.03 UAH)

Ukraine is a predominantly cash economy. The network of bank offices and ATMs is growing fast and has become sufficient in the large cities.

The Euro and US dollar are generally accepted as alternative forms of currency, particularly in tourist areas.

Avoid using your credit cards for payments at establishments in smaller towns as retailers are not trained and controlled enough to ensure your card privacy.

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Ukrainian is the official language. English is taught in school to youngsters.

Opening Hours and Holidays:

Large state or department stores tend to open Mon-Fri 0800-1900, whereas small boutiques are generally open 0900-1800.Some shops stay open as late as 2000. Smaller shops may close for an hour at lunch, usually from 1300-1400 or 1400-1500.

1 Jan New Year's Day.
7 Jan Orthodox Christmas Day.
8 Mar International Women's Day. 
Apr Orthodox Easter.
1-2 May Labour Days.
9 May Victory Day. 
Jun Orthodox Pentecost.
28 Jun Constitution Day.
24 Aug Ukrainian Independence Day.

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