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Scarborough Trinidad and Tobago Cruise Port Guide


In Tobago, most cruise ships stop at the deep-port cruise terminal, Scarborough, on the southern coast of Tobago. The cruise-ship terminal, which is in the center of town, dominates the harbor. Most ships tie up at the dock, but some continue to anchor off the western tip of the island and tender passengers to Pigeon Point (about 8 mi/13 km from Scarborough), where there are palm-fringed beaches within walking distance of several resort hotels.

Inside Scarborough's terminal are duty-free shops, local crafts and music stores, tour operators and a tourist office. Immediately outside the building are an ice-cream parlor and a tiny pub (both are good places to grab some refreshments before reboarding the ship).

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Tobago is the smaller of the two main islands that make up the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. It is located in the southern Caribbean Sea, northeast of the island of Trinidad and southeast of Grenada. The island lies outside the hurricane belt.

Tourism is concentrated in the southwest of the island, around Crown Point, Store Bay, Pigeon Point and Buccoo Reef. This area has large expanses of sand and is dominated by resort type developments. Tobago has many idyllic beaches around its coastline, especially those at Castara, Bloody Bay, and Englishman's Bay.

Tobago is also a popular diving location, since it is the most southerly of the Caribbean island with coral communities.

Scarborough is the largest town on Tobago, one of the two islands of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. Its population is around 17,000, almost one-third of the population of the island. The town is dominated by Fort King George, an 18th century fortification named for King George III which now hosts a historic/archaeological museum.

If you like the beach just get a cab ( about 20 -25 USD) at the port and go to Pigeon Point. Restroom facilities available, bar, food and lots of shade if you wish. The entrance fee is $18.00 TT. From the beach, you can get a boat out to the reef to snorkel $15, but there is no snorkeling from the beach. Take some towels with you.
While at Pigeon Point, you can take a glass bottom boat tour to Buccoo Reef and Nylon Pool. Leaves at 11.30 AM.

Tours Excursions Transportation:

If you opt not to sign-up for the tours offered by your cruise line, the friendly staff at the Tourism Information Office at the terminal could recommend fun excursions.

All official taxis have registration 'H'. Hiring a private taxi is much more expensive but gives the freedom to go where you like. Though there are fixed rates for certain journeys, it is best to establish this before you start your journey. Remember $1.00 U.S = $6.30TT but in the tourism industry they round it off to $1,00 = $6.00 flat. Always ask the taxi what currency is he quoting you.

If you walk into the Tobago terminal at the pier towards the back, and turn right, there's a huge room with chairs and a waiting area, and there are lots of guys pairing people up to take cabs to various locations. They have a big board posted with the prices to go to each of the locations on the island.

Typical excursions on Tobago:

A popular tour is the island scenic drive of Southern Tobago which covers many major sites, including the mysterious tombstone and the popular Store Bay beach. There are also stops at several forts including Fort James and Fort King George, which houses a museum and arts center.

The Buccoo Reef Marine Park glass bottom boat tour features one of Tobago's spectacular sites. A protected area, Buccoo Reef is one of Tobago's popular destinations. Learn about the life that thrives in this shallow reef; then it's time to snorkel and explore. From the reef it's on to the Nylon Pool, a shallow sandbank with clear water out at sea.

Adventure lovers will enjoy excursions into Tobago's magnificent Rain Forest Reserve and Argyle falls. These tours move beyond the resort areas and into the island's wild interior. Hike through the lush, tropical Main Ridge Forest Reserve, the oldest in the Western Hemisphere, or frolic in the natural pool at the base of the three tiered Argyle Falls.

Renting a car is not advisable, narrow roads and bad traffic manners.

It pays to compare your cruise line tours here.

Nearby Places:

Shopping and Food


The currency on Trinidad and Tobago is the Trinidad and Tobago dollar, also known as the TT (pronounced teetee). US dollars are also widely accepted. Visa and Mastercard credit cards are accepted at many stores. American Express, Diners' Club, Discover, JCB and others are only accepted in a few places.

Remember $1.00 U.S = $6.30TT but in the tourism industry they round it off to $1,00 = $6.00 flat. Always ask a taxi what currency is he quoting you.

ATM (ABM) cards using Cirrus and Plus networks will work in local ATMs and will allow you to make withdrawals in TT dollars converted to your home currency.


Language: English (official), Hindi, French, Spanish, Chinese

Opening Hours and Holidays:

Mon-Thurs 0800-1600, Fri 0800-1800 and Sat 0800-1300. Some shops stay open later in Port of Spain, and malls are often open till 2100. Shops close on public holidays, especially during Carnival.

1 Jan New Year's Day.
Mar Spiritual Baptist Shouters' Liberation Day. 
Good Friday. 
Easter Monday.
Corpus Christi.
30 May Indian Arrival Day.
19 Jun Labour Day.
1 Aug Emancipation Day.
31 Aug Independence Day.
24 Sep Republic Day. 
Eid ul Fitr. 
25 Dec Christmas Day.
26 Dec Boxing Day.

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