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Sasebo Japan Cruise Port Guide


You will be docked close to town and railway station in this naval port town.

As a former United States naval base, Sasebo has a rich military history.


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Centrally placed in the heart of the Nagasaki prefecture, Sasebo is a quaint, romantic town blessed by nature. Hike up Mount Ishidake to take in the scenery from Ishidake Observatory: In the distance, you'll see tiny emerald green islands nestled in the calm bay surrounded by mountain peaks. Stop by one of many festivals and celebrations that happen here throughout the year: Indulge in flavorful oysters during the winter-long oyster festival at the Kujukushima Pearl Sea Resort, or dance with the locals in the yearly, city-wide Yosakoi Sasebo festival held in autumn. Cruise to Sasaebo, Japan and don't miss Huis Ten Bosch, a replica Dutch town with Netherlands-inspired theme park rides that reflects the Kyushu region's heritage as a cultural crossroads

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Kujukushima (99 Islands): One of the must-visit attractions in Sasebo is Kujukushima, a collection of 99 small islands in the Saikai National Park. You can take a cruise around the islands to admire their picturesque beauty and enjoy the stunning views of the sea and surrounding landscapes.

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Shopping and Food

Near the dock, you'll see Sasebo 5bangai, an air conditioned mall with everything from fashion outlets to trendy restaurants. During your Sasaebo cruise vacation, head to Tonneru Yokocho shopping arcade to see the small shops built in wartime and protected by metal doors. Vendors often sell novelty naval-themed trinkets, traditional kimonos and lacquered wood homeware and decorations.

Sasebo Burger: Don't forget to try the famous Sasebo Burger, a local specialty. These delicious burgers are known for their unique toppings and flavors. Several restaurants in the city serve Sasebo Burgers, so you can indulge in this culinary delight during your visit.



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