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San Andres Colombia Cruise Port Guide


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San Andres is located to the north of the coast of Panama, 180km east of Nicaragua but 480km to the northeast of Colombia's Caribbean coast. San Andres is a popular holiday resort and has beautiful beaches characterized by its white sand, red corals, and transparent water that has seven different shades of blue. For this reason it is known as the "Sea of Seven Colours." There is excellent diving in snorkeling around the island and on the nearby cays. The island is mainly coral and its vegetation consists mainly of coconut trees and its highest point is only 55 meters above sea level. Places to see include Hoya Soplador - a sea geyser, The Cove - a deep anchorage, and Morgan's Cave.

Downtown San Andrés is where all of the island's business gets done. El Centro, as it is known, is filled with small shops, restaurants and government offices. A stroll down Avenida Colombia will acquaint you with El Centro. The San Luís District used to be the main port area of San Andrés, until the coconut trade was destroyed by a plague about fifty years ago. Now, San Luís is most famous for its gorgeous beaches.

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Taxis are your best option for travel on San Andrés. Makes sure to negotiate your fare ahead of time, otherwise you may be overcharged. Because San Andrés is only eight miles long, you can cover a lot of ground by motor scooter or bicycle. You will find plenty of rental shops along Avenida Colombia.

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Although San Andrés Island is only eighty miles from Nicaragua, the archipelago is a property of Colombia, which is almost five hundred miles away. The island's economy used to center around cotton until slavery was abolished in the mid-19th Century. Coconuts became the main source of income for the locals, until a plague destroyed the entire coconut crop in 1930. Now, San Andrés Island uses its status as a duty-free port to attract tourism and industry.


The peso is the currency of the Republic of Colombia. 3065 Peso = 1 USD. The peso is highly volatile.

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There are Cafes which offer free WiFi for customers in most towns and cities.

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