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Saipan Northern Mariana Islands Cruise Port Guide


Shuttle buses transport you to Garapan, the island's primary commercial area from the pier.

There are no facilities where you are docked.

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Saipan is 23 km (14 mi) long and 8 km (5 mi) wide. The best beaches and most populated areas are on the western and southern coasts, with the north and east being rugged and mountainous.

Saipan is fairly small and by renting a car or moped, it is easy to drive around the island and take in the natural splendor, as well as visit a number of parks. Scuba diving is also popular, and the underwater world should definitely be seen.

Tours Excursions Transportation:

One of Saipan's most popular tourist attractions is a submarine ride in Tanapag Lagoon. The sub has been specially designed with large viewing ports for full access to the area's tropical fish and wartime wrecks.

The most popular ship-sponsored excursion features a highlights tour of Saipan's wartime past with stops at Suicide Cliff, the Last Command Post, the Okinawa Peace Memorial and a run through Garapan.

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Nearby Places:

Shopping and Food


United States dollar (USD)

ATMs are available at most banks and major shopping centers.


Official languages English, Chamorro, Carolinian

Many hotels and restaurants on Saipan now offer free wireless internet access to customers that bring their own laptops

Opening Hours and Holidays:

Shopping hours Mon-Sun 0800-2100.

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