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Saint Pierre and Miquelon Cruise Port


As cruise ships are not able to dock here you will be tendered ashore. There is a tourism office right on the main square right opposite the jetty and staff there speak fluent english.

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The islands are just off the coast of Newfoundland...on a clear day in sight of each other, but the territory is French. It is the last vestige of the huge Nouvelle France that once included half of Canada and the Louisana Terretory. The joy of the place is the French culture, so daily baked french bread, pasteries, very good French wine and knowledgable staff so worth taking home if you can.

Although Fishing Cod on the Grand Banks was the main industry for centuries, this is an island that has known War, Deportation, Revolution and the spoils of Prohibition.

Beyond its history, Saint-Pierre et Miquelon is a wonderful destination because of its mild refreshing climate, its beautiful landscapes, the quality of the air and the warmth of its inhabitants.

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Given the compact size of Saint-Pierre, it's generally easy to get around on foot. Those intimidated by the town's notorious sloping streets, a rented scooter may be a more friendly option. There are also a number of taxi services that offer guided tours of Saint-Pierre.

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