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Saba Netherlands Antilles Cruise Port Guide


Fort Bay Harbor, the island's main harbor and port, is not a deepwater harbor and cannot support the large cruise vessels that carry thousands of passengers around the Caribbean. It would also be difficult to have a large number of cruise travelers pour onto this five square mile island.

Several small luxury cruise lines anchor outside of the harbor at Fort Bay, allowing guests to spend a day visiting the charming island.

The port also contains two bars and one restaurant which are frequently visited by locals and tourists.

The distance to The Bottom is about one mile. Roads are steep.

Taxis are available.

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This very small island located in the Caribbean is home to four small villages that offer charm and a friendly welcome. You will find that the area offers a historic, rustic feel and yet many of the locations are still modern in their design. Saba is so safe that hotels do not have locks on their doors.

The Bottom Saba is the largest town and capital of this petite Caribbean destination. This town is the first stop travelers will encounter on the road from Fort Bay, Saba's main port, to the rest of the island. This tiny volcanic island is only five square miles and is home to just 1,400 people. Of this small population, approximately 500 people live in the capital town. It is one of four charming towns on the island and is known for its architecture, which has become a significant attraction in recent years. As the capital, The Bottom Saba is home to a variety of festivals, events, and holiday celebrations throughout the year.

Tours Excursions Transportation:

Saba has one main road which was laid by hand starting in 1939 and didn't complete until 1961. It runs from the airport to the harbor, and passes by all 4 villages of the island. Taxis can be called to travel from one town to another, and considering the treacherous nature of the road (not to mention the length), it is probably not wise to walk it.

Nearby Places:

Do take a taxi up to the highest town, Windward side and do a short walking tour of the town, and if time permits hike the trails that go off from the hiking center at the begining of the town.
The taxi driver will come back and get you at a time/place of your choosing, but allow extra time as they are not very punctual (they need to optimize their fares for the short time that ships/yachts are there).
Make sure to have the driver take you by the church near the lookout over the runway, some nice older ladies sell great lace there. Plus, if a plane is taking off, it's heartstopping to watch the plane drop of the edge of the runway and then swoop out over the ocean.

Shopping and Food

Shopping within any of the four villages located off the Saba cruise port will yield a wide range of treasures. Some of the best shops are located just off the Saba Cruise Port. Locals set up shops selling handmade linens, thread work designs, paintings and wood crafts.

The Windward side offers a small mall where you will find dive shops, an art gallery, several restaurants and a supermarket.


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Despite the island's Dutch affiliation, English is the principal language spoken on the island and has been used in its school system since 1986.

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