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Reggio Calabria Italy Cruise Port Guide


Internationally renowned for the discovery of the "Riace Bronzes", Reggio Calabria is a city of great historic, architectural and environmental interest. The port is one of the biggest in Calabria and lies on the eastern side of the Straits of Messina. From the western dock there is a picturesque view across the city.

The dock is within walking distance to the town and the Lungomare.



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Lungomare is the beautiful promenade along the beach separated by the inland Corso Vittorio Emanuele by a small strip of botanical garden of palm trees. A few blocks inland (east) Corso Giuseppe Garibaldi is the main artery of Reggio.

The Bronzi di Riace, Via Cardinale Gennaro Portanova, The Bronzi di Riace are two famous full-size Greek bronze sculptures of nude bearded warriors, cast about 460–430 BCE, that were discovered by chance in 1972 in the waters of Riace Marina. Currently they are being restored in Reggio Calabria, the restoration laboratory is opened to the public at Palazzo Campanella. Free admission.

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Scilla, (22 km north from Reggio Calabria). It is a stunning town of Greek origin located north of Reggio Calabria in front of the strait of Messina. Scilla is definately worth visiting becasue of the fascinating panoramic views over the Tyrrhenian Sea, historical presence and beautiful beach. Schilla is famous for sword fish, which has been fished there since Magna Greek times. The Ruffo Castle stands on the top of the famous cape which is wedged over the sea, leaving the beautiful beaches of Scilla, an annual tourist spot, on either side.

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