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Rabaul Papua New Guinea Indonesia Cruise Port Guide


Cruise ships dock close to the center of town. Sometimes you will get tendered if the dock is already occupied.

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As a tourist destination Rabaul is popular for SCUBA diving and for snorkeling sites and a spectacular harbor; it had been the premier commercial and travel destination in Papua New Guinea and indeed in the wider South Pacific during much of the 20th century until the 1994 volcanic eruptions. There are still several diving operators based there.

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Mt.Tavurvur is still active and makes for a very interesting trekking tour. Also of interest are visits to the innumerable WWII sites, littered with fascinating debris from the well-known Battle of Rabaul in 1942. The area is also very good for game fishing, but above all it is the scuba diving, especially among the wrecks in the spectacular harbor that attracts the most attention.

If the vulcano is active, locals will take you right to the edge...be aware this is at your own risk..you can also go up to the vulcanology station for a lovely but more distant view of the harbor and the volcano.

They ask you please not to give money to the children who will very politely "escort" you around. Give them a cold drink, some colored pencils or something of that sort instead. The local people are very dignified and do not want their children "begging" from the passengers please respect their wishes. there is a fair amount of local people who speak very good english.

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Shopping and Food

Visit the market and get a feel for the local life with its numerous root starches for sale, the delightfully woven baskets, and the 'belims', beautifully patterned and colored shopping bags which simply grab your attention. Simply soak up the surreal atmosphere as you relax and unwind and allow your imagination to recreate the dramatic events that have occurred here.


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Official languages English, Tok Pisin, Hiri Motu

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