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Pulau Pangkor Malaysia Cruise Port Guide


A beautiful island off the west coast of Malaysia, Pulau Pankor is renown for its beautiful beaches and exclusive resort hotels. Cruise ships will anchor here and use tenders to bring you ashore.

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Located at the northern end of the Strait of Malacca, this small island embodies all the charms of its neighbors Langkawi and the Thai island of Phuket: lovely beaches, friendly people and some points of interest including the Chinese-style Fu Lin Kong temple, the ruins of the Dutch Fortress and a forest reserve that is home to the region’s distinctive giant hornbill birds.

Tours Excursions Transportation:

Jungle trekking - at Titi Gantung and Teluk Segadas Hill.

Motorbike tour - rent a motorbike (from RM25) and go around the island. The road is good, but on the north side of the island it is quite steep. You can visit the Dutch-Fort, south of Pangkor town, but there is not much of the fort left. Another very nice place is the temple north of Pangkor Town.

Bicycle tour - rent a bicycle (from RM8 per day) and cycle around the island. It takes about 5.5 hr at a leisurely pace. Some uphill and downhill roads are steep (20%). Make sure the brakes are working correctly before you rent the bike.(some of the hills are impossible to climb with bike, mainly the northern parts)

Taxi tour - pink taxi (from RM 40 per taxi per round) if it started form Teluk Nipah. It will show you the airport, stop at seafood junk factory, Big Chinese Temple where you can find very big fish in the pool and mini China great wall and Kota Belanda (Dutch Fort).

Hornbill feeding - Hand feeding the wild birds at 6:30PM everyday near Seagull Lodge.

Nearby Places:

Shopping and Food

The main town on Pangkor Island, is located on the east coast. It is a small town and only have one street. There's a range of souvenir shops, dried seafood shops, coffee shops and few restaurants along the street. Some of the best food you will find in the local stalls.


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