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Puerto Madryn Patagonia Argentina Cruise Port Guide


Cruise ships dock at Alte. Storni Pier, which is approximately 4 miles from downtown. Metered taxis are available at the pier. Cost of a taxi into downtown is approximately $5. USD, but may also be hired by the hour (negotiated individually) It is not advised that visitors try to walk into the downtown area as the area between the port and the downtown area is considered unsafer part of Puerto Madryn. Free shuttle bus from gangway to gate.

The Luis Piedrabuena Pier is also used. This is just 3 blocks from the information office so is much more convenient.

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Puerto Madryn: gateway to the whales, penguins, the Valdes Peninsula and Welsh traditions When arriving to Puerto Madryn, this city amazes the tourist right at the very first sight. Madryn is one of the fastest growing cities in Patagonia, with a beautiful coast avenue, the Almirante Brown Boulevard, the residential area where the houses have got an unbeatable view to the Atlantic Ocean within this huge natural amphitheater, constituted by the Nuevo Gulf.

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Puerto Madryn is the starting point in order to visit many interesting sites that are unique in the world, some of them declared World Heritage Sites by UNESCO: First of all the Valdes Peninsula where you can join the boat excursions that enable whale watching. It is a privileged bird and sea fauna reservation, whose peak attraction is the Southern Whale that every year between May and December comes to these coasts in order to breed. And from July to September the whales are so close they can be viewed without taking a tour – either from the coast 20km north of town or the 500m pier in town.

It pays to compare your cruise line shore excursions here.

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There are so many choices for exploring the vast and varied wildlife that call this area home that it is virtually impossible to see or do it all in one port day. But, this port provides the easiest and best opportunity for viewing Magellanic penguins. Punta Tombo Penguin Reserve, a secluded desert about 2 ½ hours away, is the breeding ground for over ½ million Magellanic penguins. They are so comfortable around humans that you can easily wander around their burrows and walkways throughout the colony. Guanacos, a llama-like animal indigenous to this area, roam freely on the preserve.

Shopping and Food

The three story shopping center located right downtown has some nice upscale shops. There are many specialty stores located in the city center.

Important things to know about Argentina, like tipping, toilets,taxes etc.


The Argentina Peso is volatile

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Call centers and cafes which offer free WiFi for customers abound in the center.


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