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Port Lincoln Australia Cruise Port Guide


The port is located south east of the town center of Port Lincoln. The main street is a short 10 minute walk from where the ship docks and winds along the water with spectacular vistas. A shuttle bus service is also available for the passengers at 6 AU $.

The City of Port Lincoln and the Visitor Information center have developed a brochure specifically for the cruise ship market offering information on where to go and what to see and volunteer guides will also be on hand to offer information to the mix of international and Australian passengers.

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Welcome to Port Lincoln, the "Seafood Capital of Australia" With its population of 14 000, Port Lincoln is a major commercial center for the Eyre Peninsula and a popular destination for visitors. Not only a beautiful township overlooking Boston Bay, Port Lincoln makes an ideal base from where to explore the coast and experience Eyre Peninsula first hand.

Tours Excursions Transportation:

Whaler's Way is a drive on private land commencing 20 km south of Port Lincoln. The drive itself is around 15 km, and will take around 3 hours to see all the sights along the road. You need to purchase a $40 permit to enter from the visitors center, and show it at the gate. You can also buy the permits at the gate when it is attended. You can get a key to the gate from the visitors center in Port Lincoln for after hours entry with a $10 deposit. Expect to see dramatic cliffs edges, rockpools, craveasses, islands, rock falls and seals.

Port Lincoln is in South Australia. It is where they did the underwater scenes for Jaws and Blue Water White death. You can do the shark dive in a cage, it is quite expensive and there is no guarantee that you will see a great white shark.

The Visitor Center at 3 Adelaide Place sell many tours.

It pays to compare your cruise line tours here.

Nearby Places:

Shopping and Food

Tasman Terrace is the main shopping strip of Port Lincoln, with shops occupying one side of the street, and the park and waterfront on the other. There some fashion stores, cafes, restaurants, as well as all the essential supplies available.


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