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Porbandar India Cruise Port Guide


Cruise ships dock close to the center of town. Exact location unknown.

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Porbandar was the last capital of the Jethwa Rajputs, who ruled this area for about 1200 years- shifting capitals from Ghumli, Ranpur and Chhaya. Present day Porbandar was established as a capital by Rana Sartanji in 1785 AD. Porbandar, originally a fortified town. with high rampart walls, bastions and five gates, lost its fortification by the order of Colonel Lally in 1888 AD. Even today, a ritual to circumambulate the fortification is performed by Hindus.

The prosperity of Porbandar was due to maritime trade and it was a thriving port in the Mughal period. It was attacked by the Portuguese in the wake of achieving supremacy over sea trade in 1531 AD. The Walker Treaty of 1807 AD between the ruling clans of Saurashtra and the British put an end to the feuds and it resulted in a favorable environment for the civic development of the Porbandar State.
The most impressive feature of Porbandar is the city planning and the stone buildings with ashlar masonry and rich carving. The facades of the houses on either side of the streets, with series of windows, carved gateways, using eclectic architectural language, invites tourists to experience the streetscape on foot. The series of vistas enriched by a skyline of temples and beautiful public buildings and edifices overlooking the sea on Marine Drive puts Porbandar on the list of coastal heritage towns of Gujarat.

Porbandar, in India, the birth place of Mahatma Ghandi, is a picturesque sea port on the Arabian Sea on the west of India. The most fascinating feature of this planned city is its architecturally impressive buildings of white stone structures and rich carvings.

One can visit the residence, now an important museum, of Mahatma and his wife Kasturba at Kirti Mandir, as well as many other public heritage buildings of the colonial period, such as the Public Library and Raj Mahal, which is now a college. The Sudama Temple, important to Hindu mythology, Darbargadh and Huzoor Palaces and the three storey summer pavilion built amidst sprawling gardens, Sartanji Choro, are all worth visiting if the there is the opportunity.

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Take a stroll along the beaches where you may spot the flamingos and other delightful sea birds. Enjoy seeing the incredible illustrations of great Indian men at Bharat Mandir, or go on a shopping spree at the 'White City', renowned as a center for gold and silver trinkets and fine quality silk and cotton.

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In the big cities, credit cards are accepted at retail chain stores and other westernized restaurants and stores. Small businesses and family-run stores almost never accept credit cards, so it is useful to keep a moderate amount of cash on hand.

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