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Palmeira Sal Island Cape Verde Cruise Port Guide


This is a tender port.

The Port itself sits away from the village on a concrete structure surrounded by warehouses. Palmeira is about 4km northwest of Espargos, the capital of Sal.

A taxi to the port from the airport or Espargos costs about CVE500

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Monthly Climate Averages for Palmeira Sal Island Cape Verde



The island's main port, Palmeira, is a working fishing harbor and import station, but is currently improving its tourist infrastructure in line with the rest of the island.

Flat, dry, barren, brown, bare - fortunately for Sal, the fantastic beach at the end of the road in Santa Maria makes up for visitor's first impression as they travel south along the road from the Airport.

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Nearby Places:

Santa Maria being the center of the action. Crystal clear waters lap long stretches of white sandy beach, drawing water sports enthusiasts and holiday-makers who make the most of the rapidly developing hotels and resorts.

Nearer to the international airport is the town of Espargos, where shops, bars and restaurants do good business, the strains of live music usually filling the air.

Shopping and Food

Fish lovers will be in heaven on Cape Verde. The grilled lobster is superb as are the fresh tuna, octopus and multitude of other delicacies.


Cape Verde Escudo (1 Euro= 113 Escudos)
Hotels and banks may charge slightly more.

Credit cards are accepted at an increasing number of up-market hotels, but not all of them. MasterCard and Visa are the most widely accepted so far.

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Opening Hours and Holidays:

Everything is closed on public holidays and on Sundays, and many shops also close early on Fridays. Opening hours tend to be Mediterranean - that is, Monday-Friday 08:00/08:30 - 12:00/12:30 and 14:00/14:30 - 18:00/18:30; Saturday 08:30 - 12:00. Banks are often shut in the afternoon. Restaurants operate from about 19:00 - 23:00. Nightclubs tend to open at midnight.

Public holidays:
1 January           New Year
20 January         National Heroes Day
1 May                 Labour Day
5 July                  Independence Day
15 August           Nossa Senhora da Graça [Our Lady of Grace]
12 September     Nationality Day
1 November        All Saints Day
25 December      Christmas Day
Mardi Gras and Good Friday are also national holidays.

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