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Odessa Ukraine Cruise Port Guide


Cruise ships dock at the port of Odessa. The distance to the city center is approximately 1.5 miles. If you decide to climb the famous Potemkin Steps, it will take only 15 minutes to reach downtown. Taxis are usually available at the quayside.

Passenger terminal can simultaneously accommodate 5 vessels at the piers with the common length of 1370 m.

Inside the passenger terminal building there are offices of the banks and post (including DHL), travel agencies offices, where you can book local and international tourist services, railway and air tickets to any world destinations and also sea cruises. Also the currency exchange offices, cash machines, international phone and Internet offices are to your services.

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Odessa has a population of over 1 million people. The city is located on flat hills near the Dnieper River which flows from the Ukrainian capital of Kiev.

Cosmopolitan Odessa, the largest port on the Black Sea, doubles as an area of heavy industry and as a thriving resort with beaches, special saline baths and a mild climate. Once the playground of Russian royalty and the home to famous writers, Odessa retains a vital role as a major cultural center.

Past historical events include the revolutionary activities of 1905, which had the support of the mutinous battleship Potemkin. When the Russians established their control over the city, they began with the development of a bustling seaport. During World War II, Odessa suffered major damage when it came under heavy siege by the Nazis. In recognition of the inhabitants valiant stand against the enemy, Odessa was proclaimed the "Hero City." Fortunately, many of the 19th-century French-style buildings survived, adding greatly to Odessa's numerous attractions. A stroll along Primorsky Boulevard usually ends at the historic Potemkin staircase, which numbers 192 steps and extends 455 feet. The pride and glory of Odessa is its neo-classical Opera House where musical events conducted by Tchaikovsky and ballets featuring Anna Pavlova were held.

Thanks to a temperate climate and miles of prime beaches, Odessa and its surrounding resort areas are popular tourist destinations. Scores of visitors flock to the Riviera of the Black Sea, taking the waters in seaside spas, touring opulent palaces and enjoying spectacular performances at the Opera House. Many of Odessa's residents are eager to engage in a conversation with visitors and try their foreign language skills, accepting with pride favorable comments about their City.

Behind the Vorontsov Palace is the Mother-in-Law Bridge. Crossing it, you will reach a peaceful corner of Old Odessa. Relax at an outdoor cafe with an espresso or a glass of local champagne and admire the architectural ensemble of Gogol Street, one of the city's most beautiful streets.

Deribas Monument
At the foot of Deribasovskaya there is a statue of the first governor of Odessa, Joseph Deribas. The monument was erected in 1994 to mark the bicentennial of the founding of Odessa.

Tours Excursions Transportation:

Potemkin Steps: They are actually flights of steps interspersed with flat sections, but can look like a continuous flight or like no steps at all.

It is a very easy town to walk so really no need for any buses as the area in which you will walk is not very large. Lots of interesting buildings and investment is going into restoring the downtown area. Do not miss the beautiful opera house.

It pays to compare your cruise line tours here.

Nearby Places:

Shopping and Food

Deribasovskaya is the central street of the old city; the six-block pedestrian mall is its main shopping area. Here you can find almost anything, from traditional souvenirs to exclusive designer clothing. Odessa City Garden (Gorsad) is the famous artisans' market where you can buy souvenirs, paintings, gemstones, amber, handmade lace, etc.


To shop you will most certainly need local currency (hryvnia).

1 UAH = 0.18 USD (1 USD = 5.05 UAH)
1 UAH = 0.134 EUR (1 EUR = 7.44 UAH)
1 UAH= 0.099 (1 GBP = 10.03 UAH)

Ukraine is a predominantly cash economy. The network of bank offices and ATMs is growing fast and has become sufficient in the large cities.

The Euro and US dollar are generally accepted as alternative forms of currency, particularly in tourist areas.

Avoid using your credit cards for payments at establishments in smaller towns as retailers are not trained and controlled enough to ensure your card privacy.

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Ukrainian is the official language. English is taught in school to youngsters.

Opening Hours and Holidays:

Large state or department stores tend to open Mon-Fri 0800-1900, whereas small boutiques are generally open 0900-1800.Some shops stay open as late as 2000. Smaller shops may close for an hour at lunch, usually from 1300-1400 or 1400-1500.

1 Jan New Year's Day.
7 Jan Orthodox Christmas Day.
8 Mar International Women's Day. 
Apr Orthodox Easter.
1-2 May Labour Days.
9 May Victory Day. 
Jun Orthodox Pentecost.
28 Jun Constitution Day.
24 Aug Ukrainian Independence Day.

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