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Murmansk Russia Cruise Port Guide


The terminal is located a few minutes’ walk from the railway station, has been totally renovated in 2016.

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Lying on the Gulf of Kola, Murmansk is the largest city situated above the Arctic Circle. Founded in the reign of the Romanov Tsar Nicolas II, it was originally called Romanov on Murman. Renamed Murmansk in 1917 the city has grown to become one of the largest and most economically developed areas of North European Russia. During World War Two Murmansk withstood 3 years of attack and was one of the few Russian towns not occupied by the Nazis. For its heroism, Murmansk was given the title 'Hero City' Murmansk is the largest city of the world behind Polar Circle and the administrative center of the russian area.

Murmansk is "The City of Heroes" which means a Soviet honorary title awarded for outstanding heroism during the Great Patriotic War.(World War 2) It is an interesting town to visit, and it has several museums worth seeing. Also a rich culture life, with theaters and comcert halls.

Visit the Alyosha monument standing 116 ft high on a hilltop offering magnificent views of the city. Explore St. Nicholas Church and the nearby lighthouse commemorated to Russian sailors who lost their lives at sea. The Fine Arts Museum is the only one of its kind above the Arctic Circle and features over 3000 works of art.

Tours Excursions Transportation:

As the cost of a visa is over $200, a cruise ship organized tour is often the best option.

Nearby Places:

Development of cruise tourism in the Arctic is one of the strategic targets for Russian Arctic national park, today covering areas like Franz Josef Land and Novaya Zemlya.

Shopping and Food

Murmansk has also some of the largest shopping malls in Europe: Forum Shopping Center.

Browse the shops and markets at The Square of Five Corners. Look for warm fur hats, vodka, tobacco and clothing.


The official currency of Russia is the ruble, which is divided into one hundred kopeks. It is illegal to pay in foreign currency. ATM's are many.

Most upscale establishments will accept credit cards.

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Russian is the official language, English only spoken in upscale places and by the younger educated.

Email and Internet access is offered cheaply in a number of Internet cafés.

Emergency numbers Police 02; Ambulance 03; Fire 01

Opening Hours and Holidays:

Most shops open Mon-Sat 10am-7pm or later.

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