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Lulea Sweden Cruise Port Guide


Within the port area there are four harbor sections: the Victoria Harbour where dry goods are handled, Uddebo for liquid products and the industrial quays of LKAB and Cementa, respectively. The old quay for loading iron ore is used for governmental icebreakers and as a cruise port.

The cruise dock is about 25 min. walk from town, taxis available.

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It is easy to get around Luleå by foot, public transport or taxi. In the city center everything is within walking distance and several local buses depart regularly to different locations from Smedjegatan in the middle of the city. Another way to travel is by taxi. On request, taxi companies can arrange guided tours and trips to places of your interest. The cities and towns of Swedish Lapland are safe to walk and travel on your own.

City walking and shopping Luleå is a wonderful summer city with sun day and night! Central Luleå offers a large selection of shops, cafés and restaurants. Take a beautiful and amazing walk, follow the seashore around the city.

Visit "Kulturens Hus" the Arts & Congress center. The center offers a highly cultural experience and a great variety of events and houses the Tourist office, City Library, Hall of Art, Concert Halls, Conference facilities, café and restaurants.

Norrbottens Museum is regional museum for the biggest province in Sweden, covering almost one fourth of the land in Sweden. The museum has an exhibition to commemorate the 300th anniversary of the birth of renowned Swedish scientist Carl Linnaeus. The celebration will be hold with a lot of events in Sweden during the year 2007.

If you have a passion for steam locomotives don't miss the railway museum, Norrbottens Järnvägsmuseum in Karlsvik.

At the campus of Luleå University of Technology, you will find Teknikens Hus a science center and "a hands-on Museum" for all ages. In Teknikens Hus you find lots of exhibitions to experience and explore.

Tours Excursions Transportation:

Visit "Kulturens Hus" the Arts & Congress center. The center offers a highly cultural experience and a great variety of events and houses the Tourist office, city library, hall of art, concert halls, café and restaurants.

It pays to compare your cruise line tours here.

Nearby Places:

The church town of Gammelstad can be experienced on your own. It's easy to spend several hours in the church town. Wander through the old village, visit the church, the open-air museum Hägnan, buy Norrbotten handicrafts in the small boutiques and enjoy a cup of coffee and a cinnamon swirl in authentic surroundings. In Gammelstad church town you also find some of Luleå's finest restaurants.

The water along the Norrbotten coast has brackish-water, a blend of both saltwater and freshwater, this phenomenon is world-unique. There are over 700 islands in Luleå archipelago. Several tour boats operate on schedule and there is also thematic tours; nature – culture – art – food etc

Shopping and Food


The national currency is the Swedish krona (SEK, plural kronor). 1 USD is about 5.91 SEK, 1 EUR is about 9.43 SEK and 1 GBP is about 12.28 SEK.

Automatic teller machines take major credit cards. Most stores, restaurants and bars accept all major credit cards, although in some cases there is a SEK 5 fee or a lowest purchase limit (between 50 - 100 SEK).

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Swedish is the national language of Sweden, but you will find that people, especially those below the age of 70, also speak English very well - an estimated 89% of Swedes can speak English.

112 is the phone number to dial in case of fire, medical or criminal emergency.

Opening Hours and Holidays:

Most shops, at least downtown, are open all week, even on Sundays.

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