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Longyearbyen Svalbard Cruise Port Guide


The Port of Longyearbyen is the logistic point for cargo to the different settlements on Spitsbergen and the cruise industry. The port is located close to the city center. (1.7 km). Shuttle buses available.

A new SeaWalk pier with a terminal building for passenger traffic was installed in 2021.

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Longyearbyen is the largest populated area on the terrirory of Svalbard, located in the high Norwegian Arctic. The settlement is popular as the most easily accessed frontier in the Arctic, and is an ideal base for the greater exploration of Svalbard.

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The trips options on Svalbard are numerous, and it is often possible to combine various activities-especially when the trip extends across several days. During the summer and autumn ( June- September ), it is possible to combine hikes with boat transport or cruises. The experience of a summer on Svalbard is guaranteed to be enhanced if you sit down in the slope underneath a busting bird mountain, camp among tall mountains and mighty glaciers, or paddle in a kayak while a seal is sunbathing on an ice floe nearby.

There is no public transportation.

It pays to compare your cruise line tours here.

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Shopping and Food

Svalbard's shopping is concentrated in and around the two-story Lompensenteret shopping mall and the supermarket. Beware the limited opening hours: most shops are only open 11-18 weekdays, 11-14 Saturday and closed Sunday.

Svalbard's tax-free status makes alcohol a lot cheaper than on the mainland.


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The library offers free Internet PC's.

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