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Lautoka Fiji Cruise Port Guide


It's about a 20 minute walk to Lautoka. The ship usually arranges a bus into the city or there are cabs.

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Lautoka is a very clean city and environmental concern. It has a wonderful botanical garden and children's park. The main street of the city, Vitogo Parade, has been decorated with the planting of royal palm trees on one side and this is quite a unique feature.

Go to one of the resorts at Denaru Island. About a 30-25 mins cab ride south down the coast.

Tours Excursions Transportation:

You can also take day cruises to nearby islands, the wonderful marina at Vuda Point, or the Koroyanitu National Heritage Park where you can explore waterfalls and forests, swim in streams or take a rigorous mountain bike trip. If just wishing for a quiet day, simply find a perfect 'forgotten by the tourists' spot, on one of the delightful local beaches and relax!

Since Lautoka is known as the Sugar City, you can visit the Lautoka Sugar Mill and see how this business generates the highest source of income for Fiji.

It pays to compare your cruise line tours here.

Nearby Places:

If you have seen the movie "Blue Lagoon", and you may want to see where it was shot; take the Blue Lagoon Cruises and you will see the pristine waters of Fiji Islands and see the setting for the movie.

Shopping and Food

The city has a wide range of shops, including duty-free outlets, while the vast Municipal Market, with delightful 'out front' handicraft stores, which sell a wide variety of items from handmade pottery, simply cannot be missed!


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English is an official language and is the language of instruction in education, and is spoken by most in Nadi, Suva and any other major tourist area. On a few of the less touristy islands, English may be spoken with some difficulty. Fijian or Hindustani (Hindi/Urdu) is spoken by most adults and children, and learning even a few key phrases will help you gain the respect of the locals.

Opening Hours and Holidays:

The shops are opened early some from 6.00am and others from 8.00am till 6.00pm to 7.00pm during the week and Saturday from 7.00am to 1.00pm. On Sundays and Public Holidays shops are generally closed but the restaurants, milk bars and other essential shops remain open.

The best time of year to visit Lautoka is in September, so you can take part in the annual Sugar Festival. The entire community enjoys this outstanding event, and people from other cities around Fiji come to Lautoka to take part in this celebration of life and love. Sugar is the crop of Lautoka, the driving force that keeps the economy successful. In turn, this ancient festival pays tribute to their bountiful crop, in hopes that it will continue to bring them prosperity for generations to come.

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