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La Romana Dominican Republic Cruise Port Guide


Ships dock at an informal facility that's between the sugar cane town of La Romana (which has not much to offer) and the chi-chi resort village of Casa de Campo. Cruise lines often organize a 15 minute free shuttle transportation from the ship to the resort.

La Romano now has a beautiful pool, lounge chairs, and swim up bar. No charge for chairs and pool.

It is a 15 minute walk to La Romana.

Taxis line up at the dock. To travel the six kilometer distance to Casa de Campo, is $15-$20 per cab each way.

Hotels near the Cruise Terminal

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Completed in 2000, Casa de Campo has a modern, 400-berth marina, complete with a shipyard. Surrounding this harbor are over 70 restaurants, shops, bars, and homes. Most activities available at Casa de Campo are open to cruise-ship passengers.

Tours Excursions Transportation:

There is a public beach though near the village of Bayahibe. Do not expect to see people handing out drinks and clean washrooms. It is safe but not as well kept as the private beaches. Most good beaches are only available through the resorts. Unlike other islands the beaches here are not free to go to. It is highly recommended that you book a day pass with one of the hotels if you want a beach day. Otherwise book through the ship here.

Taxi services are available but potentially dangerous when dealing with unlicensed drivers. In all cases, it's a good idea to go with a licensed driver and negotiate a price for your destination before you leave. Good drivers are often easy to identify by licenses worn around the neck, uniforms, and clean air conditioned vehicles. When calling a taxi company, you will be given a number to verify your driver. When being picked up, make sure your driver gives you the right number as 'false pickups' are often a prelude to robbery.

Traffic is chaotic at times, and rentals are expensive.

It pays to compare your cruise line tours here

Nearby Places:

Altos de Chavón is a re-creation of a Mediterranean style European village located atop the Chavón River in La Romana, Dominican Republic. It is the most popular attraction in the city and hosts a cultural center, an archeological museum, and an amphitheater.

Shopping and Food


1 Dominican peso = 0.029499 U.S. Dollars

There are ATM machines around, some resorts have them, but they are mostly in the cities and towns, not the resort areas, so don't rely on this as your only source of cash.

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Do not expect to be able to get around without understanding and being able to speak some Spanish.

Most major hotels have cafes which offer free WiFi for customers where you can use their computers to check and send e-mail. There are also many cafes which offer free WiFi for customers in the cities and towns

Opening Hours and Holidays:

Mon-Sat 0800-1200 and 1430-1830.

1 Jan New Year's Day.
6 Jan Epiphany.
21 Jan Our Lady of Altagracia.
26 Jan Duarte's Birthday.
27 Feb Independence Day.
Good Friday. 
1 May Labour Day.
22 May Corpus Christi.
16 Aug Restoration Day.
24 Sep Our Lady of las Mercedes.
10 Nov Constitution Day.
25 Dec Christmas Day.

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