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La Paz Mexico Cruise Port Guide


The ships dock at Puerto De Pichilingue; La Paz is 10 miles away from the cruise terminal.

La Paz is best explored on foot. Buses leave from Pichilingue to Terminal Malecon at the corner of Paseo Obregon and Avenida Independencia hourly between 7 a.m. and 6 p.m. Cab fare from the cruise ship terminal at Pichilingue to downtown La Paz runs about $8-10

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La Paz means "peace" in Spanish, and that's exactly what you'll feel when visiting this provincial Mexican town. Reminiscent of Los Cabos, La Paz has wonderful beach spots and an easygoing, slow-paced atmosphere that makes relaxation easy. The palm-fringed malecon that fronts the town center is a lively spot, and there are countless opportunities for hiking, rock climbing, diving and fishing in the surrounding areas. The one mile seaside walkway offers great bay views of sailboats and yachts as well as shops, cafes and restaurants.

La Paz is the capital of the Mexican state of Baja California Sur and an important regional commercial center.

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Nearby Places:

La Paz is one of the favorite beach areas for Mexican and foreign visitors. Its international fishing tournaments are famous. Scuba diving, yachting, sailing and ecotourism trips to the islands enchant the visitors but it is the beaches that keep people coming back. Although situated on a lovely long beach, the best beaches for swimming and sunbathing are found north of the city on the road to Tecolote. Playa Palmira, Playa el Coromuel, Playa el Caimancito, Playa del Tesoro, Playa Pichilingue, Playa Balandra, Playa el Tecolote and Playa el Coyote are havens for the beach lover. Some have washrooms and restaurants.

Shopping and Food


As US dollars are widely accepted in La Paz, you don't have to change your dollars into pesos. If you're using dollars alone, make sure to bring smaller denominations to pay for incidentals and taxi rides.

Credit cards are not as widely accepted as in Europe or the USA. Some companies make an extra charge of around 5% on such transactions.

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Spanish is the main language. English is largely spoken in border cities with the United States as well as tourist destinations.

There are several cafes which offer free WiFi for customers on Paseo Alvaro Obregon, which is adjacent to the Malecon.

Opening Hours and Holidays:

Mon-Sun 1000/1100-2000/2200 (big towns and cities); Mon-Fri 0900-1400/1600 (rest of the country).

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