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Korcula Croatia Cruise Port Guide


Only the smaller cruise ships call at Korcula and dock right in the center of town. Larger ships will tender their passengers to the same lively dock area.

Resembling a miniature Dubrovnik, the gated, walled Old Town is crisscrossed by narrow stone streets.

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Korcula Town the main town on the island, with population of about 3000 inhabitants. With it's numerous buildings and monuments, cafes, hotels, restaurants , galleries, cinema etc, Korcula is very popular for visitors as central location from which they explore the rest of the island. It is a administrative center of the area too.

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By the main town street - the Street of the Korcula Statute from 1214 - we arrive to the elevation of the Cathedral Square. The biggest and the most beautiful building of Korcula - the Cathedral of St. Marco - is on the top of the town.

South from it, there is the Bishop's Palace where the Abbatial Treasury of St. Marco is placed today with a rich collection of Croatian and Italian Renaissance artists, a collection of manuscripts and books and a collection of the ceremonial clothes. North from the Cathedral, there is a small church of St. Peter - probably the oldest preserved church in the town from the 11th century/1388 - in which the Renaissance portal of the master Bonino da Milano and the wooden statues of the apostles are situated - the work of the Venetian sculptors from the 18th century.

On the western side of the square, there is Crkva Gospojina (Church of Our Lady) from 1483, the Renaissance work of the local builders, where the tombs of the historical Korcula families are situated as well as the tomb of the defender from Turkish assault, the priest Rozanovic. There are also beautifully decorated gravestones, and a big mosaic of the Dutch artist Louis Schrikkela on the altar, from 1964-67. There is a flag column on the square next to the Crkva Gospojina from 1515. From the Crkva Gospojina towards the north, there are palaces Arneri and Gabrielis.

The Town Museum is situated in the palace Gabrielis, one of the most beautiful Korcula palaces, in the Renaissance style from the 16th century. From the palace Gabrielis towards the sea, there is the palace Ismaelis from the 16th century with beautiful courtyard.

Beside the artistically valuable courtyard of the palace Arneri, the windows and the wall of the same palace in the south street are decorated with excellent building and sculpturing details. We descend from the Cathedral Square to the north town tower Zakrjan.

In the first right street, there is the family house of the traveler Marco Polo. Together with several inscriptions and exhibits which remind of the great traveler and explorer, there is an interesting view from the family tower-observation post. The greatest traveler and explorer of all times, Marco Polo, was born here (Korcula 1254-Venice 1324).

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Nearby Places:

In the high summer season, water taxis at the east harbor collect passengers to visit various points on the island, as well as to Badija Island, which features an historic 15th-century Franciscan Monastery in the process of reconstruction, plus Orebic and the nearby village of Lumbarda, which both have sandy beaches.

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Since 2009 shopping hours are not regulated anymore, therefore most stores in tourist destinations are open 7 days a week.

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