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Klaksvik Faroe Islands Cruise Port Guide


There are three quay possibilities: North Harbour with a length of 317m and depth of 12m; Nordborg 166m/8m, and Kosin 270m/8m. The former is 20 minutes’ walk from the center with Nordborg being the closest at five minutes followed by Kosin at 10 minutes. There is also an anchorage.

Most cruise ships dock at the North Harbour next to the tiny town of Anir, 16 inhabitants, 3 km north of Klaksvik.

Klaksvik operates a really excellent free shuttle bus service to and from the cruise ship and the tourist information center in the town. The red buses are plentiful and very frequent - as each one fills and departs another arrives.  The journey takes just a few minutes.

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Klaksvík is the capital of The Northern Islands and has all the facilities you expect to find in a town. Klaksvík - situated around a very well-protected bay - is the main fishing port on the Faroe Islands. The first settlement at Klaksvík dates back to Vikings times, but it was not before the 20th century that the districts merged to form a large, modern, Faroese town that became the cultural and commercial center for the Northern Isles and the Faroes as a whole.

Today, 5.000 people live in the city. In spite of its relatively limited size the town has a special atmosphere and appearance inspiring a tangible feeling of wellbeing and contentment.

In 2006, the Northern Isles became connected with the central Faroes via the undersea Noroya tunnel to Leirvík on Eysturoy. This provided Klaksvík with an opportunity to become the center of a powerful region that can compete with the central Faroes in the globalised community where there are no longer geographical limitations.

Tours Excursions Transportation:

Stroll along the harbor area where fishermen go about their daily life, stopping at the magnificent stone Christianskirkjan church. Built in 1963, it is an architectural marvel, and is also the largest church in the Faroe Islands. Step back in time and visit The Chemistry—a former lab that began life as a fabric store in 1919 but, from 1932 and until 1961, it was used as a chemistry lab. All the old bottles and chemistry tools are still in place. Adjacent you will find an exhibit of old Faroese tools used in everyday life—all in beautiful condition.

There are at present time no local operators offering tours. So either use a ship's excursion or use a taxi.

Nearby Places:

Towering above the entrance to the harbor of Klaksvík is the pyramid mountain on the impressive island of Kunoy, and around the well-sheltered bay and harbor, the dwellings are beautifully spread on the hillsides.

Shopping and Food

Among Faroese souvenirs of particular interest are the numerous woollen goods, stuffed birds, ceramics, wood articles, jewelry, music, stamps and posters.

Tipping is not the custom. Service fees are normally included in the price, whether for a fancy meal in a restaurant, a taxi ride across town, or a trim at the hairdresser.


As a self governing region of the Kingdom of Denmark, the Faroese government prints its own currency, the króna, although Danish coins are used. The exchange value is equivalent to the Danish krone, and there is no service charge on exchange, as Danish notes are equally acceptable as the Faroese króna throughout the country.

Automatic teller machines (ATMs) are available.

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Danish spoken, English well understood.

Free internet is available at the library, near the post office. It's usually open from 8:00am to 6:00pm on weekdays, though internet is usually available after 1:00pm, as it is reserved for school children during the morning.

Dial 112 for any type of emergency assistance anywhere in the country.

Opening Hours and Holidays:

Most shops are open from 9:00/10.00 to 17:30. On Friday, many retailers remain open until 19:00. On Saturdays, shopping is limited; stores open at 9:00 and close either at 12:00, 14:00 or 16:00. On Sundays, all stores are closed.

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