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Keelung Taiwan Cruise Port Guide


Cruise ships dock in center of Keelung and the train station are within walking distance of the pier...about 10 minutes. The main destination is the capital Taipei, which is about 24 km away.

The port itself offers a plethora of activities and things to see within ten minutes walking distance of the pier and all of the sights are accessible on foot. There is a board with pictures of the main sights as you exit the port parking lot.

Zoomable map courtesy of Christine Wu, tour guide in Keelung.

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Nicknamed the Rainy Port for its frequent rain and maritime role, the city is Taiwan's second largest seaport (after Kaohsiung). Keelung is currently administered as a provincial city of Taiwan Province, Republic of China.

Tours Excursions Transportation:

The downtown area is small enough to cover on foot.

Train or bus to Taipei is easy. There will be an information desk in the tent as you get off the ship, who will give you all information times and maps. There is an english speaking booth at the train ticket counter, tickets are very cheap, the train takes 50 minutes, about every 20 minutes. The train will take you to Taipei main station. Once in Taipei, you can board the MRT from Taipei Main Station to get around. A one day pass is NT$150

Make sure the maps in your guide book have "english" as well as "chinese" characters, so you and the cabdriver can communicate by pointing at the map. Cabdrivers only speak chinese.

It pays to compare your cruise line tours here.

Nearby Places:

Energetic and eclectic, Taipei is the heart of all the action. It's the crowded, bustling center of Taiwan, China's commerce, government and culture. The Port of Keelung is your gateway to the amazing attractions of Taipei and the rest of Taiwan, China.

National Palace Museum
Taiwan, China's National Palace Museum houses the world's largest collection of Chinese art treasures.

Chiang Kai shek Memorial Hall

Discover the history, artifacts and exhibits featuring this late president's life.

Confucius Temple

This meditative place of worship is a peaceful, serene. Also visit Its big ornate neighbour Bao-an temple and is alive.

Lungshan Temple is located in the district Manka of Taipei. It was founded in 1738 and dedicated to the Buddhist Goddess of Mercy, the most favoured temple on cruise tours.

Shopping and Food

Keelung's Miaokou Night Market is famous throughout Taiwan for its large selection of food. It meanders through lanes and alleys in the downtown area surrounding the Dianji Temple. The night market is easily accessible on foot from the cruise port.

As in many Asian countries, night markets are a staple of Taiwanese entertainment, shopping and eating. Night markets are open-air markets, usually on a street or alleyway, with vendors selling all sorts of wares on every side.

Bargaining is in general not done.



At the port there is also an exchange tent to change your money and then to change back any unused Taiwan dollars upon return to the ship. This service is offered free and the exchange rate is good.

The currency of Taiwan is the New Taiwan Dollar (NTD, but also referred to as TWD). An easy rule of thumb is that NT$100 roughly equals US$3. Plenty of ATM's around.

Most hotels and department stores accept credit cards, most restaurants and small stores do not !

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English is sporadic spoken.

Free WiFi at Keelung Cruise Terminal. When you arrive, you can enjoy the free WiFi coverage in the port on the East and West wharf areas, sometimes it may reach your ship.

In Taipei: If you would like to sign up for the Taipei Free Wi-Fi service, please have a valid passport or Mainland Residents Taiwan Pass and notify the staff members at service centers about your E-mail, and they will register an account for you. After the registration process is complete, you can enjoy the free Wi-Fi service in major indoor or outdoor public spaces in Taipei City.

Opening Hours and Holidays:

There seem not set opening hours for stores, it seems as long as there are customers they stay open. Chinese New Year,6 days long, is the time when all the Taiwanese are traveling and transportation can be very hectic.

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