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Kalmar Sweden Cruise Port Guide



Smaller cruise ships moor at the dedicated cruise quay "Elevatorkajen" in the city center, whereas larger cruise ships anchor just south of the port. There is a new (build in 2022) purpose-built jetty for tenders where passengers can easily step ashore and return on board.

Town center 300 meters away from quay and 200 meters from the jetty.

In Kalmar there is a "one ship a day"-policy to ensure a great experience.



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Kalmar is a city in the Småland province in southeastern Sweden, with 38,000 inhabitants.

Kalmar Castle is one of the best preserved Renaissance castles in Scandinavia. With a history that stretches back to the 12th century, it represents over 800 years of brotherhood and blood. Its present appearance dates back from the 16th century when the Vasa Kings rebuilt it in the style of a Renaissance palace. At Kalmar Castle, the guides wear beautiful Renaissance clothing to further strengthen the historical atmosphere.

Royal Warship Kronan This royal warship was one of Sweden´s largest warships, which exploded and sank in 1686 during a battle off the coast of the Island of Oland. The wreck was located in 1981 and every year since then, professional divers find new parts from the wreck that reveal more and more about the life onboard. More than 25 000 finds are now on display at the exhibition, as several canons and Sweden's largest gold coin discovery.

The Kingdom of Crystal consists of several glassworks within a radius of a few Swedish miles. From this region, many people emigrated and travelled to America, is now bustling with life, art and activity. Feel the warmth from the glass ovens as the craftsmen create unique art glass by transforming the glowing melt into beautiful crystal pieces using both traditional glassblowing methods and innovative new techniques. Enjoy historic and modern art pieces in the exhibition hall and do not miss the tax-free shop with both limited-edition art glass and everyday glassware. Palace of Solliden Solliden, an Italian-style white palace, built by Queen Victoria of Sweden in 1903-06, is still used as a summer residence by the Swedish Royal Family. Queen Victoria commissioned Solliden's extensive gardens and parkland, which are considered by many to be the finest in Sweden. Exhibitions on a royal theme are housed in the pavilion. Paradisverkstan Purveyors of H.M. the King producing Scandinavian glass and ceramics, surrounded by a beautiful garden.

Tours Excursions Transportation:

The boat transfer between Kalmar and Öland with m/s DESSI is an easy and very beautiful way to travel. From DESSI's sun deck you can experience and enjoy the sea crossing that takes just under half an hour.

Nearby Places:

Island of Öland (UNESCO)

The nearby Island of Öland boasts mystical, ancient ruins, windmills and unique landscape with exceptional flora and fauna nowhere else to be found. The agricultural landscape of southern Öland is a living cultural heritage, which was inscribed on the World Heritage List in 2000. There are natural and cultural sites on Öland that in terms of conservation are extremely important. Kalmar is connected to the island of Öland by a bridge, which used to be Europe's longest (6 km)

Shopping and Food


The national currency is the Swedish krona (SEK, plural kronor). 1 USD is about 5.91 SEK, 1 EUR is about 9.43 SEK and 1 GBP is about 12.28 SEK.

Automatic teller machines take major credit cards. Most stores, restaurants and bars accept all major credit cards, although in some cases there is a SEK 5 fee or a lowest purchase limit (between 50 - 100 SEK).

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Swedish is the national language of Sweden, but you will find that people, especially those below the age of 70, also speak English very well - an estimated 89% of Swedes can speak English.

112 is the phone number to dial in case of fire, medical or criminal emergency.

Opening Hours and Holidays:

Most shops, at least downtown, are open all week, even on Sundays.

Public Holidays:

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