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Jeddah Saudi Arabia Cruise Port Guide


The ships dock a long distance from town. Use cruise provided transportation.

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Jeddah has been a port and trading city for centuries, which is reflected in its cosmopolitan mix of inhabitants. Today, it is the major commercial center of Saudi Arabia. It also has many government offices. Jeddah is known in the kingdom for its shopping districts, restaurants and cafes. It also hosts the largest Corniche or waterfront in the Kingdom with a great bunch of hotels, beaches and resorts clustered around it.

You should also visit Jeddah Fountain which is the highest fountain in the world.

Jeddah provides a good look at the contrasts of life in a modern country where society is still organized strictly according to Islamic customs. For instance, all business activities and markets cease and are closed five times a day for prayer. Life here, however, is more liberal and cosmopolitan than most other places in this country, possibly because of its dual role as a sea port and as a destination for traveling Muslims, whose cultural sharing has impacted Jeddah.

Tours Excursions Transportation:

Wear a head scarf, and cover yourself. Head scarfs, however, are not required but recommended for non-Muslim or Western-looking women. (a dark abaaya is required to all women).

Due to the climate, cruise organized excursions are recommended.

Nearby Places:

Mecca is not real far from there, but unless you are a muslim, you cannot go there.

Shopping and Food

Shopping malls hours:

Saturday to Tuesday: From 10:00 AM to 12:00 AM

Wednesday & Thursday: From 10:00 AM to 2:00 AM


Currency in Saudi Arabia: Saudi riyal (SAR)

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Arabic is the official language in Saudi Arabia, but English is widely understood.

Internet is available in the malls as well in cafes.

Opening Hours and Holidays:

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