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Isla Providencia Colombia Cruise Port Guide


As cruise ships are not able to dock here you will be tendered ashore to the main village, called Pueblo Viejo (Old Town),

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Unspoilt white sand beaches, crystal clear seas, friendly Caribbean locals living on a mountainous and forested island - Providencia (or Old Providence in English) is perhaps the greatest hidden gem of the Caribbean. With a population of just 5000 people, just a dozen small hotels and a blissfully undeveloped landscape, this is the Caribbean of yesteryear. Many other islands in the Caribbean have sold their souls and are now blighted by over-priced sprawling resorts, but Colombia's Providencia offers something altogether very different. This is how the Caribbean was before the dawn of mass tourism - beautiful, peaceful, friendly and unspoilt.

Providencia has a population of 5,000 and receives about 15,000 visitors per year. The island is now a well known scuba diving destination, with the world's third largest barrier reef. It has few hotels and is still completely unspoilt as it has not yet been discovered as a gem of the Caribbean.

Far from mainland Colombia, rarely visited Isla de Providencia is a warm and friendly place. An island tour takes you to a parochial school and other points of interest ashore. Or, venture out to snorkel or dive among a variety of fish, including colorful tangs, cuttlefish, and barracuda, that can be found among the island's coral reef.

And with the world's third largest barrier reef, Providencia Island is a scuba divers dream.

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Hire a golf buggy or moped to explore the island - golf buggy hire costs about 100,000 Colombian pesos (US $40) for 24 hours, while a moped hire costs about half that.

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The water is drinkable right from the tap in most of the major cities, but be prepared to buy some bottles if you go to the countryside. Agua Manantial Bottled water is recommended, it comes from a natural spring near Bogotá. An advice make sure you do not use ice cubes, or drink any beverage that might contain non distilled water, ask if the beverage is made with tap or bottled/boiled water.


The peso is the currency of the Republic of Colombia. 3065 Peso = 1 USD. The peso is highly volatile.

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There are Cafes which offer free WiFi for customers in most towns and cities.

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