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Ishigaki Sakishima Islands Japan Cruise Port Guide


Ishigaki Port is located at the center of the city near the bus terminal. The new dock was finished in February 2019. Port authority provides a shuttle (200yen or 2USD) to the ferry terminal wich is near the city.


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Ishigaki Island is the main island of the Yaeyama Islands and the region's transportation hub. Ishigaki City, the Yaeyama's only and Japan's southernmost city, is the site of the region's major airport and boat terminal.

Ishigaki offers several nice beaches and fantastic snorkeling and diving in the surrounding coral reefs. Ishigaki's rivers, while not quite as wild as those of nearby Iriomote, also offer a jungle like scenery and are nice to explore by canoe. Various hiking opportunities exist in the island's hilly interior.

Ishigaki Island is located 1,950km away from Tokyo, 450km away from Naha, and 270km away from Taiwan. The current population of Ishigaki is 47,804. The island is 222.57 sq. kilometers. Ishigaki is a part of the Yaeyama Island Chain. With Ishigaki as a main transportation center, it is easy to get to other islands via the extensive ferry system. Nearby islands include Taketomi, Kohama, Kuroshima, Aragusuku, Iriomote, Hatoma, Hateruma, and Yonaguni.

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Azuma Bus operates services throughout the island radiating from the bus terminal on Sanbashi-dori, just across the street from the port. The most useful services connect to the airport (¥200) and Kabira (¥700).

When you board a taxi, note that the vehicle's left rear door is opened and closed remotely by the driver. You are not supposed to open or close it by yourself. Furthermore, you are not supposed to tip taxi drivers, as the service is included in the price.

If you do not speak Japanese, or your destination is not a well known place, it is recommended to give your driver the precise address of your destination on a piece of paper or, even better, point it out on a map, since the Japanese address system can be confusing even to local taxi drivers.

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Nearby Places:

Shopping and Food

Shop for the island's famed black pearls, a most special souvenir.


The currency in Japan is the yen. It comes in denominations of ¥10,000, ¥5,000 and ¥1,000 notes, as well as ¥500, ¥100, ¥50, ¥10, ¥5 and ¥1 coins.

ATMs in Japan are becoming more useful, and most can be used to withdraw funds from overseas accounts. Post offices also offer ATMs. Major credit cards are accepted at a majority of stores and restaurants in large urban areas, but if you plan on spending any time in rural areas, be sure to carry sufficient cash. Japan is still very much a cash society and some stores, hotels and restaurants-regardless of location-refuse credit cards.

Don't tip, as it's considered rude!

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Cafes which offer free WiFi for customers are springing up all over the country. Costs vary, with some coffee shops offering free Wi-Fi services and others charging by the hour for cable-enabled PCs

Opening Hours and Holidays:

Shops and department stores in Japan are generally open daily, including national holidays (with the exception of New Year's), from 10:00 or 10:30am to 7:30 or 8:00pm. Some specialty shops are closed Sundays and national holidays. Department stores are sometimes closed one day a week on an irregular basis, but since closing days vary for each store, shoppers can always find stores that are open.

Public Holidays in Japan

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