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Icy Strait Point AK USA Cruise Port Guide



A dock has been constructed and is in operation as of May 2016. Multi-million dollar project to establish this brand new destination for USA. Located 22 miles from Glacier Bay National Park. Icy Straight Point lies just outside Hoonah. (1mile away) Walk or take the shuttle.

Norwegian Cruise Line has build a second pier in 2020.

The 7,000-square-foot Adventure Center is located in front of the dock’s covered trestle. This wood-beam, Tlingit-style building will serve as a welcome center, departure lounge and tour booking center for shore excursions, including whale watching, bear viewing and a ZipRider.

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Icy Strait Point is located near the city of Hoonah, the largest native Tlingit Indian settlement in USA, and very near Glacier Bay National Park. Home to a historic cannery, the port's connection to the sea is strong. Locals share the sea with humpback whales, orcas, Dall porpoises, seals, sea otters, halibut and all five species of Pacific salmon. It is not uncommon to spot a humpback or an orca while walking along the shore.

Icy Strait Point is a facility built in 2001 specifically for the cruise ship industry, located a mile from the historic village of Hoonah.

Visit the historic cannery, dating back to 1930. It has been fully restored to provide visitors with a glimpse of this interesting part of usan history. The original cookhouse has also been renovated for family-style dining.

Get out in nature, view Glacier Bay from the air, cruise with the whales, search for brown bears, listen to Tlingit Native stories, go Kayaking, experience Tlingit culture, book a charter fishing excursion, watch the wildlife, ride the world's longest ZipRider, or do it all.

Tours Excursions Transportation:

Icy Strait Point is owned by Huna Totem Corporation, the Native village corporation for Hoonah, and is the only privately owned cruise ship port in Southeast Alaska. For a complete list of available tours and descriptions, please visit https://icystraitpoint.com/

All cruise ship guests are encouraged or forced to book their tours at their cruise lines websites prior to arrival.

You can walk about 1.5 miles to Hoonah, a small town or take a bus from the port. The town has a few things to look at and places to eat. You can use the internet there as well, but quite pricey. It is a flat walk, with much to see along the way.

Icy Straight Point boasts the world's longest zip line. The ride is 5,330 feet long and has a vertical drop of 1,300 feet. You hit a maximum speed of 60 mph and the entire ride takes less than two minutes. Also, you will need to book this with the ship, as it will sell out and is not available off of the ship if you decide to do it.

It pays to compare your cruise line tours here.

Nearby Places:

Shopping and Food

The cannery shops are just a few steps away from the dock. All the shops are usan or locally owned and operated.


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