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Hurghada Egypt Cruise Port Guide


The port is situated on the western coast of Red Sea near the Gulf of Suez entrance and 370 km. south of Suez.

When you arrive in Hurghada Port, you can either come alongside the dock or you will be anchored and tendered ashore. Either way it is then a short walk to town.

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Monthly Climate Averages for Hurghada Egypt



It lies 395km south of Suez, and is noted for its magnificent summer and winter climate. The clarity of its water made it a center of tourist attraction especially for divers and practicing water sports because of the worldwide fame of its coral reefs and rare marine life it enjoys. Visitors can watch the exquisite underwater marine life through well-equipped glass bottom submarines. Hurghada has a large number of hotels and tourist resorts of different categories, as well as well -equipped diving centers offering facilities for aquatic sports,in addition to restaurants and bazaars.

There is also the Aquarium which houses the most wonderful marine species especially the mermaid. National and international fishing contests are held in Hurghada.It is connected with Luxor by paved road across Safaga / Qena / Luxor. Daily sightseeing tours to Luxor can be arranged. A cruise service connects Hurghada with Sharm Al-Sheikh,the cruise takes 90 minutes by ferry.

Important: There are many companies offering excursions into Egypt, and in general are reliable. But your ship only will wait for late customers if they booked the ship's excursions. So be sure to have a cell phone with you (and the ship's telephone number!) just in case!

Tours Excursions Transportation:

Local ferries connect Hurghada to Sharm in 1 hr and 30 minutes.

It pays to compare your cruise line tours here.

Nearby Places:

St. Antonius Monastery: on Za'afarana / Koreimat road, 50km north of Za'farana. It lies at the foot of the mountain below a high hillock overlooking the sea.

Day-trips or safaris to explore the Red Sea Mountains by camel or jeep are also available.

Shopping and Food

Bread is the main item of Egyptian food and the most common form of bread used by the Egyptians is "Pitta". The other most important item of Egyptian cuisine is fava beans. Beans can be boiled or mashed with the vegetables and spices. Beans are also often served with eggs and this is a perfect dish for breakfast used in Egypt. Falafel is a fried fast food recipe and the popular dish made from the spiced fava beans.


In all souvenirs shops US dollars and the Euro are happily accepted.

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Language: Arab

Sure there are internet facilities...but with arab keyboards!

Small Pubs, Restaurants and Internet Cafes line the Main Street.

Sahara in arabic means desert. So do not talk about the Sahara desert!

Opening Hours and Holidays:

The National Holidays in Egypt are sited as below:

  -  January 7: Christmas (Old Calendarists)
-  April 25: Sinai Liberation Day
-  May 1: Labor Day
-  July 23: Revolution Day
-  October 6: Armed Forces Day

There are some Movable Holidays in Egypt sited as below:

  -  Sham El Nessim
-  Islamic New Year
-  Prophet Mohammed's Birthday
-  Ramadan Feast
-  Sacrifice Feast

Other Holidays in Egypt include:

  -  January 1: New Year's Day
-  March 21: Mother's Day
-  June 18: Evacuation Day
-  August 15: Flooding of the Nile
-  October 21: Egyptian Naval Day
-  October 24: Suez Day
-  December 23: Victory Day

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