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Horta Faial Island Azores Cruise Port Guide


The port is approximately .5 mile (800m) from the center of Town. Taxis are generally available at Horta Town and are not metered. It is recommended to agree on a set price before starting out.

The walls and walkways of the marina are covered with paintings made by visitors memorializing their vessels, crews and the year they visited.

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The Azores are actually the tops of some of the tallest mountains on the planet, as measured from their base at the bottom of the ocean. The islands are home to a rich maritime fauna, being like a swimming pool on the middle of the ocean, on which also grow exotic species such as the black coral. Sealife includes jamantas, sharks, sea turtles and thousands of other different creatures.

Horta, the fortified main town of Faial, lies facing the imposing cone of Pico in a wide bay on the southeast coast of the island, with a beach of black volcanic sand. The town is attractively situated on gently rising ground, surrounded by handsome villas and beautiful gardens. The inhabitants, many of them of Flemish descent, live by trade and the sale of fine embroidery and basketwork.

Horta, seat of the only municipality in Faial, is one of the liveliest, and most eye-catching town of the Azores. It provides wonderful views of the island of Pico, and sometimes São Jorge.

Tours Excursions Transportation:

Leave Horta by boat in search of the Atlantic whales and dolphins that make the area around the Azores their home. Species found in these waters include bottlenose dolphin, beaked whales, pilot whales and sei whales—the latter is the third-largest whale in the world. Sperm whales are perhaps the most commonly seen as some scientists believe they live in these waters all year round to snack on the local squid. Other sightings include sea birds and other marine life.

A visit to Peter's Sport Cafe is a must. It's right outside the marina. It was ranked one of 10 best bars in the world by Newsweek, and the gin tonic is famous worldwide.

If you stay is longer than a few hours, renting a car is a good option.

It pays to compare your cruise line tours here.

Nearby Places:

The Porto Paim offers a breathtaking beach with calm blue waters.

Caldeira – in the center of the island lies an enormous crater with 6560 feet (2 km) diameter and 1300 feet (400 m) deep. This area is a protected natural area

Shopping and Food

Popular souvenir items include ceramics, such as hand-painted dishes, vases, mugs, and teapots made of clay; lace and embroidery; wickerwork; tea and pineapples; and Azorian wine.


The Azores is a part of Portugal and the currency is Euro as well. Most of the restaurants, hotels and car-renting companies accept common credit-cards. But don't expect credit cards to be accepted in smaller restaurants and residencias. Be sure to carry small bills. There are places that it can be a problem to change bigger notes.

Most banks accept Visa/MasterCard's. Most banks have employees who speak English or French

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The national language is Portuguese. Azoreans speak a special dialect. Sometimes the inhabitants understand also English or French, especially the younger ones.

Opening Hours and Holidays:

1st January New Year's day, Good Friday , Easter Sunday , 25th April Liberty Day , 1st May Labor Day , 24th May Autonomy Day , 10 June National Day of Portugal , 3rd June Corpus Christi , 15th August Feast of the Assumption , 5th October Implantation of the Republic , 1st November All Saints Day , 1st December Restoration of Independence , 8th December Feast of the Immaculate Conception , 25th December Christmas Day .

Every year, from the first to the second Sunday in August, Horta's is home to the week of the sea. The port is full of sailing ships with their colorful sails and flags. The town is dominated by the happy music of bands and groups of stringed instruments.

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