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Herschel Island Canada Cruise Port Guide


You will be tendered ashore.

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On a mapping expedition in 1826, explorer John Franklin was the first European to see Herschel Island and its inhabitants. He name the island for his friend, Sir John Herschel, a noted English scientist. Since then, Herschel has been a landmark, stopping place and sanctuary for those travelling and working in the Western Arctic. It was a center for commercial whaling, police headquarters, Anglican mission to the people of the area, trading center and scene of various government and institutional activities. But none of them stayed. Like waves from the Beaufort Sea, the people of Herschel Island have washed onto its beaches, left their mark, and returned to the sea

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It's considered normal to tip 10-15% of a restaurant bill. Tips are also usually given to bell hops, concierges, room cleaners, cab drivers, hairdressers, hotel attendants and, by savvy drinkers, bar staff.


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You will find ATMs in many grocery stores, malls, airports and so on, and most are linked to the international networks, the most common being Cirrus, Plus, Star and Maestro. You can also grab cash from an ATM if you use a major credit card although this method tends to be more expensive because, in addition to a service fee, you'll be charged interest immediately.

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In Canada the main languages are English 59.3%, French 23.2% (both official); other 17.5%. Quebec and New Brunswick being the most "French" The rest of the country is English speaking.

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