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Hammamet Tunisia Cruise Port Guide


This is a tender port. You will be tendered to Port Yasmine, about 6 km from the old town. Use cruise provided transportation or take a cab, which is not expensive.

The area around the marina is also very pleasing.



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Hammamet is the oldest touristic center in the country. All resorts in Tunis have wonderful parks but even among them Hammamet stands out with its luxurious gardens. The main principle of town planning here - houses must not be higher than cypresses. The city is founded about 5 centuries ago. There are the fortress walls and the Big Mosque are still preserved in it. The city keeps its one-floor image. Tourists are waited here by wide sand beaches, modern hotels with high level of service, a plenty of bars, restaurants, stores, markets.

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Every day, at 10am, 2 amazingly big good-looking pirate galleon reproductions would leave dock full off tourists. Always, even before they get out of the harbor the singing would begin, then the pirates would climb the rigging doing various acrobatic feats whilst other crew members would be leading their guests with buccaneer songs and chants.

It pays to compare your cruise line tours here.

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Visitors staying in the city may wander at leisure through the pedestrian friendly streets and browse the multitude of shops and market stalls in the city center. Everywhere in and around Hammamet jasmine products can be found.



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