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Grytviken South Georgia Cruise Port Guide


As cruise ships are not able to dock here you will be tendered ashore.

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A former whaling station, Grytviken is now the center of what limited government exists on the island. Most ships are met by a government representative who explains any rules and collects a per-passenger fee. There is a museum that explains island history, and the British Antarctic Survey maintains across from the station at King Edward Point.

Snow covered mountains provide a dramatic background for the remains of the oldest shore-based whaling station in Antarctica, abandoned in 1965. This former Norwegian enclave was the largest of the five South Georgia whaling operations and the vast complex can still be visited. Today it is home to an intriguing museum, a small garrison of British soldiers and Shackleton's grave in Grytviken Cemetery. Weather permitting, a visit can be made to a vast colony of magnificent king penguins and a nearby island providing a nesting-ground for the huge wandering albatross, the world's largest seabird. Fur and elephant seals can be seen on the beach, and giant petrels, shags, skuas and terns breed here in amazing concentrations.

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