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Gothenburg Sweden Cruise Port Guide


The cruise quays:

Cruise berth 751 Arendal, Outer Harbour: Directly beside the quay is the impressive 6,000 m² Volvo Museum. There is also a cafe and a shop that sells souvenirs, postcards etc. It takes around 20 minutes by taxi or (shuttle) bus into the city center. Larger ships over 225 Meter dock here. 10 km to city center. Shuttles normally arranged by cruise ompany. Free Wifi.

The new central terminal is at Stigbergskajen in Masthugget. The quay and part of the terminal building, the Amerikaskjulet, has been restored and was ready to welcome vessels from spring 2018. The new name of the terminal, America Cruise Terminal, evokes memories of the terminal’s illustrious past. It was over 100 years ago that the first Swedish American Line vessel sailed for the USA from this terminal and this historic quay is now being resurrected as a cruise ship reception center. The new terminal is just 1 km from the city center. Free Wifi.

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Gothenburg is a fairly green city with parks and a large river bisecting the city.

Botaniska Trädgården
This park is the beauty oasis of Gothenburg, and is in fact the most dramatic, cultivated bit of nature in western Sweden. The botanic gardens were first opened to the public in 1923 and have been improved considerably over the years with better landscaping and more stunning plantings.

Children's Zoo
There's also a children's zoo at Slottsskogen from May to August.

Drottning Kristinas Jaktslott (Queen Christina's Hunting Lodge)
The rounded walls of this stone-sided house--the oldest in Gothenburg--were originally conceived in the 1600s as part of an outpouring of civic pride (or civic savvy) when it was designated as a hideaway for Queen Christina during her occasional visits from Stockholm. Although the queen didn't use it very frequently, its stone and wood interior still evokes the austere majesty of this deeply religious, deeply troubled 17th-century monarch.

Liseberg Park
Scandinavia's largest amusement park is more than 75 years old, and in terms of numbers of visitors, this is the number-one tourist attraction in Sweden. Some of Sweden's best performing artists entertain every summer at Stora Scenen, the park's main stage. The park's newest attraction is the Gasten Ghost Hotel filled with things that go bump in the night.

One of the architectural showpieces of Gothenburg, Kronhusbodarna was originally built in the 1650s; it's the oldest nonecclesiastical building in town. In the 1660s, it was pressed into service as the meeting place for the Swedish Parliament, which convened here hastily to welcome a visit from Charles X Gustav during his wars with Denmark.

With 274 acres, this is the largest park in Gothenburg. First laid out in 1874 in a naturally wooded area, today it has beautiful walks, animal enclosures, a saltwater pool, bird ponds, and an aviary, as well as a children's zoo (open May to August). A variety of events and entertainment take place here in summer.

Toward the end of the Avenyn is the public library, on the left at Gotaplatsen. This is the main library of Gothenburg, the home of some 450,000 volumes in 50 languages, and a café. The library also has a listening room with recorded music, as well as a reading room with more than 100 foreign daily newspapers. One hall features continuously changing exhibits.

Located across the canal from the Central Station, this park boasts a large Rosarium that flourishes with about 10,000 rose bushes of 4,000 different species. The park's centerpieces are the Palm House, a greenhouse maintained at subtropical temperatures even in the depths of winter, and a Butterfly House containing beautiful butterflies that flutter through a simulation of a natural habitat.

Tours Excursions Transportation:


The Gothenburg Hop on/off bus/boat

Hop on/off tourist train.

Walking in Gothenburg during the summer can be quite nice, especially in one of the parks, in the inner city, along the river or in the Haga area.

The Göteborg Pass gives you free admission to attractions and museums, several sightseeing tours by bus or boat, parking and free travel on public transport. It also entitles you to some great discounts in selected stores.

Göteborg is home to the famous Paddan canal boats which take you through the city via the Moat and the harbor. Just sit back and let a guide show you the best of the city. It is also easy to hire a bicycle or see Göteborg on foot or by bus. Tickets and further information is available at the Tourist Office

It pays to compare your cruise line tours here

Nearby Places:

Shopping and Food

The main shopping center is Nordstan. It's located next to Brunnsparken and it is connected to the central train station. It has many outlets with international companies such as H&M, Esprit, Vero Moda and Swedish companies such as Åhléns City, Rock, Nordic Design etc.

Close to Nordstan is the smaller shopping center Arkaden, with a number of fashion boutiques.

Saluhallen, Kungstorget, is a charming indoor food hall.


The national currency is the Swedish krona (SEK, plural kronor). 1 USD is about 5.91 SEK, 1 EUR is about 9.43 SEK and 1 GBP is about 12.28 SEK.

Automatic teller machines take major credit cards. Most stores, restaurants and bars accept all major credit cards, although in some cases there is a SEK 5 fee or a lowest purchase limit (between 50 - 100 SEK).

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Both cruise terminals offer free Wi-Fi.

Central Gothenburg has wireless Internet access. Outside the center there are many cafés, hotels and other locations where you can surf wirelessly.

Swedish is the national language of Sweden, but you will find that people, especially those below the age of 70, also speak English very well - an estimated 89% of Swedes can speak English.

112 is the phone number to dial in case of fire, medical or criminal emergency.

Opening Hours and Holidays:

Mon-Fri: 10 am-7 pm, Sat: 10 am-4 pm, Sun: 11 am-4 pm

Holidays in Sweden

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